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Throughout January, February and March 2021, GrandView Pharmacy and CVS retail store staff partnered with one another to provide COVID-19 vaccine clinics at various facilities providing COVID-19 vaccine shots to any resident opting to receive it.

GrandView Pharmacy recognizes the need of our valuable customers to have continued access to COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, we are happy to report that GrandView has two solutions to your needs.

1. For Assisted Living facilities GrandView has an Ambulatory program that is a partnership with CVS. You can call 1-877-652-0918 to schedule an in-store appointment for individual residents, or your facility may schedule a date and time to have a number of residents and staff that are seeking the immunization.

2. For Skilled Nursing Facilities we offer a Distribution model to schedule vaccine for your facility. Because this model is a federal Centers for Disease Control program there are a few easy forms that need to be completed by the facility. Once that is done, we can get vaccine to you.

Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine greatly increases the likelihood of preventing infection or disease. This is especially important for older individuals as they have the highest risk for experiencing severe effects from COVID-19 such as death. Conditions such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease, which are common among older individuals, further impair the individual’s immune system placing them at even greater risk from COVID-19. While receiving the COVID-19 vaccine will greatly reduce risk to the individual it is through achieving herd immunity that risk for the overall community will be reduced. Herd immunity will mean that once a large enough number of the population has been immunized It will be much more difficult for the disease to spread and this can only be achieved through high vaccination rates. Another reason that it is important to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is due to how mobile of a society we live in. People are constantly traveling to different part of the country and world. Vaccine hesitancy rates can be very different depending on the location so it is possible that by traveling to a specific location an individual would be a greater risk for becoming infected and then spreading it when they return home. Bu receiving the COVID-19 vaccine the individual is much less likely to become infected as well as spread the disease. This will allow vaccinated individuals to more freely travel somewhere new or to visit family. A reason for vaccine hesitancy has been efficacy of the vaccines and occurrence of adverse effects. Studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccines like the ones from Moderna and Pfizer have had an efficacy of 94-95% in adults 65 and older. The occurrence of adverse effects has also been said to mostly be mild such as chills, fever and fatigue and not occurring frequently in most individuals. Overall, the COVID-19 vaccine has shown to be very effective at preventing infection from occurring as well as spread of infection. With high vaccination rates in most communities we will all be able to safely return to the way things used to be.

It was recently announced that COVID-19 booster doses may be the recommendation in the fall and winter of 2021/2022. More info ration on that to come in the coming months.

Further questions can be directed to a Grandview pharmacy representative.  For Account Manager Charissa Widegren please call 317-771-3649, or email her at  For Account Manager Mark Wolfe, please call 317-450-5723, or email at


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