PointClickCare customers working with Pharmacy Exchange partner pharmacies gain the best-in-class Integrated Medication Management solution, which affordably streamlines medication processes while improving resident safety and compliance.

“Overall the PointClickCare program is good. We worked the bugs out from the beginning and as we have been going. The program helps to save time on our end. We are pretty happy!” – Amanda

Improves Workflow

How has the interface with GrandView helped your facility? “I am noticing GrandView’s techs/pharmacist are usually already working on new admit information when we call to check if they received orders. This is a huge relief. GrandView has not said ‘we have not received those orders’ in some time. We are getting meds faster since the waiting time of faxes has decreased. Also, since it is a cleaner copy going to pharmacy, there is no discrepancy with what an order says for pharmacy.” – Amanda

How has your workflow changed since this implementation? “PointClickCare allows us to use much less paper!” – Kim

Recommend to Others

Would you recommend the interface with GrandView to other facilities? “Yes! The PointClickCare has been a helpful asset to our facility. If we were to interface with GrandView again, I would recommend having more staff involved in the training meetings and webinars.” – Kim, Amanda and Julie

These responses were collected from Kim Davis, Director of Nursing; Amanda Bell, LPN; and Julia Rice, Shift Supervisor at Heritage of Huntington.