“Overall, IMPACT™ is a great experience. Residents leave the facility with right medications that is easily packaged. They are able to know they are taking the right medications. The residents do not need to worry about going to a pharmacy. GrandView follows up to ensure success. It is a great program.”

Improves Work-flow

How has IMPACT™ affected the work-flow of your facility? “IMPACT™ Improves work-flow because the time it takes to call in multiple prescriptions or getting prescriptions from doctors is no longer needed. Especially narcotics that tend to cause time delays. Residents would sometimes be driving an hour to get a prescription when we already have what they need and can sent it home with them.” – Rachel

Saves Time

How has IMPACT™ helped your facility? “Nursing staff alone is able to get any medications and anything else needed for that resident to be successful though one company, ultimately saving time and effort for the facility.”

How has IMPACT™ helped your residents? “A resident does not need to go to different companies locally for their needs. They leave the facility with the right meds and the knowledge to be successful. They can go directly home.”

Recommend to Others

Would you recommend IMPACT™ to other facilities? “Yes! Because it makes the nursing staff more comfortable in that the medications are being sent home with them. The resident is educated on medications. Someone is following up with them from GrandView. The nursing staff is more at ease knowing they have the contact with a pharmacy. They have someone within reach to help them.”

These responses were collect from Rachel Farris, a Grace Village Rehab Nurse.