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Our innovative pharmacy solutions and commitment to superior service combine with decades of industry expertise to help our partners provide the very best care to each resident we serve. The cornerstone of our success is staying true to our roots as a small town pharmacy while continually growing and expanding our service offerings to accommodate unique and future needs of our clients.

Senior Care Communities

GrandView Pharmacy is a pharmacy provider for long-term care, and senior residential communities. We combine our expertise, evidence-based practices, resident centered education and superior service to improve the success and lives of our partners and residents.

We deliver comprehensive pharmacy services and consulting to:
• Long Term Care Communities
• Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
• Licensed Assisted Living
• Unlicensed Assisted Living
• MRDD Facilities & Group Homes

Individual Residents of Senior Care Communities

GrandView Pharmacy can offer important healthcare information and solutions for those caring for an aging loved one. Loved ones who are prescribed multiple medications may have difficulty staying on their medication regimen, or may be paying extra costs for unnecessary medications. GrandView offers health information and tips, as well as solutions for reducing costs and/or helping to ensure medication compliance.


Rhonda Eldridge Center for Healthy Aging

The Rhonda Eldridge Center for Healthy Aging aims to positively influence the senior care community by developing easy to implement, evidence-based best practices. With these scientifically proven methods, we believe our seniors will achieve better outcomes. With better outcomes comes a better quality of life. When a better quality of life is achieved, we believe, the entire community benefits.

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Health Care Leaders Must Win Back Trust

Blog by For two decades, the “Trust Barometer” from the Edelman company has looked at public faith in institutions. Lately, its findings have been concerning. Trust in media, government and other sectors dropped around the world during the COVID-19...

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Deficiency free survey from the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy

In the spring of 2017, the GrandView Pharmacy locations in Brownsburg, IN and Fort Wayne, IN were awarded a deficiency free survey from the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy. We’re extremely proud of our team members who worked hard to accomplish this goal. Read more about it here.