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Thank you to all nurses who work with our elderly, and disabled, every day. With the month of May, we had National Nurses’ Week, which puts a highlight on our society’s thankfulness for the contribution nursing makes to all of us. Gratitude for our nurses should be a continuous effort, not just a one week a year event. This can be done in many ways and should vary based on individual preferences. Each person has a “Language of Appreciation” which is most effective for them – nurse appreciation is not a “one-size-fits-all” endeavor.

Make it Personal
1.  Ask them. Determining the most effective way to recognize and support your nurses can be as easy as asking the question – verbally or in an informal survey.
2.  Give them options that speak to them in their “Language of Appreciation”.
3.  Be realistic – both in budget and execution. Don’t promise them a tree when you can only provide a leaf. Unrealistic, or unexecuted, appreciation programs will lack depth and sustainability and end up creating upset in your community.
4.  Identify and prevent caregiver burnout. Regulations, staffing, difficult families and payer expectations can create an environment difficult for nurses to be their most successful. Do everything you can to provide strategies to mitigate these top strains on your nurses. When nurses burn out, they don’t stop being nurses. They just stop being a nurse for you.

Make It Last
How do you show your nurse appreciation throughout the year? Is it a monthly pitch-in? Could it be a reward for picking up extra shifts? Could you do something small for the staff that your residents recognize that go above and beyond for them? Think of creative ways to reward your staff. Your nurses will stay where they feel that they are shown appreciation.

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