Article by McKnights Long-Term Care

“Better treatments for trauma-afflicted residents should reflect a deeper cultural shift, experts said Monday.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is pushing policies that are “culturally competent and trauma-informed.”

But speakers at LeadingAge’s annual convention in Philadelphia said that it’s even more worthwhile to understand that “trauma-informed culture realizes everything I do can be helpful or hurtful,” according to Lisa Schiller, MHY Family Services in Mars, PA.

“There will be a tendency to look at it from a compliance perspective, especially with Phase 3 [of the Requirements of Participation] coming up,” said Jill Schumann, president and CEO at LeadingAge Maryland. “I think there’s a natural tendency to do the minimum. But it’s worth the investment and time to think about it more persuasively.”

One good example may be in how incidents are documented. Staff can be taught how not to use “blaming and shaming” language in documentation.”

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