Article by Kate Smith Sloan, McKnights Long-Term Care News

“Neglect and abuse of older adults, the subject of last week’s Senate Finance Committee hearing, “Not Forgotten: Protecting Americans from Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes,” is never acceptable. As we said in our statement for the record, and have stressed for years, our nonprofit members strive to provide high-quality care.

We have long been a partner to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and policymakers in establishing best practices.

We make no excuses for improper care. Those who make mistakes must be held accountable. Those who commit illegal acts must be punished. Remedies do exist to address unacceptable situations such as those described in last week’s hearing.

We are very concerned that issues of abuse and neglect, along with poor quality care, continue, even as our members and others have made significant strides to improve care. We ask: How might we work together to reduce incidents of abuse and neglect?”

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