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“Nursing home residents and their advocates have scored some improvements in the types and quality of care provided. But in many facilities, the caring concept of “nursing” and “home” are still hard to come by.

While lauding the good changes, Eric Carlson, directing attorney of the advocacy group Justice in Aging, recently took to the cyberwaves to describe the 10 most common complaints he receives from residents, family members, and other advocates — and offered some helpful tangible advice about what to do about each of them, summarized and augmented here with tips from other experts.

In many cases, the wrongful behavior is prohibited by a law, so it may help to have that knowledge and language in your arsenal; links to specific laws are provided here. But Carlson also stresses that for those hoping to resolve an issue, it’s not enough to cite the law and bang the table. You also need to be very specific in identifying the problem to nursing home administrators. In addition, it often helps if you’re willing to suggest a creative solution or two.”

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