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Open enrollment for Medicare Part D starts October 15 and runs through December 7 of each year. It is important to use that time period to review your Part D plan each year. Individual plans can change from year to year as to what is covered and what is not; your preferred physician may not be part of the network for the upcoming year; or, your health issues may have changed; and finally, your most expensive prescriptions medications may no longer be covered as they had been in the previous years.

During open enrollment you can make changes to your plan, changes that include:

  • You join a completely new Part D plan
  • Switch from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Switch from Medicare Advantage Plan to Original Medicare with or without a Part D plan.

As you shop around for a plan, you should be aware that not all plans are appropriate to everyone. You should know what your health issues and challenges are, including if prescription medications are a big part of your care plan. For these reasons, you need to investigate the plans that best suit YOUR needs. Due to changes in prescription coverage and cost, or changes in individual health condition changes may be necessary.

There are several resources available to assist you in your shopping and reviewing efforts.

  1. You can look on-line for various plans.
  2. No matter where you live each state offers SHIP counselors you can contact a local SHIP counselor to help you. SHIP stands for State Health Insurance Counseling & Assistance Programs. In Indiana you can contact them at 1-800-452-4800
  3. Seniors that use GrandView Pharmacy as their medication prescription provider can also ask one of GrandView’s Billing Specialists to perform a plan review and make other Part D plan recommendations based on their current drug regimens. To do that you can simply reach out to your facility’s administration, ask you the GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager is for their facility and an interview appointment can be scheduled; or you can call GrandView Pharmacy Directly at 1-866-827-7575 in initiate a conversation about your current plan review.


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