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CDC has thousands of responders supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve decided to share their unique stories as a collection of blogs.

Revealing the Many Faces of COVID-19

People can survive a COVID-19 infection in the lungs only to come down with new symptoms in other parts of the body. This is yet another way that COVID-19 is a particularly bad viral disease, says Deblina Datta, a CDC doctor who researches how infectious diseases make people sick.

Deblina has spent more than nine months on CDC’s COVID-19 emergency response, mostly leading a team of more than 40 clinicians concentrating on healthcare and protecting workers during the pandemic. She has spent decades trying to stop the spread of viral diseases like AIDS and hepatitis. But during her time on the response, she found the virus that causes COVID-19 to cause more ailments than nearly any other disease she knows.

“It’s like an excavation where you constantly unearth new artifacts,” says Deblina, who also holds the rank of captain in the U.S. Public Health Serviceexternal icon.

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