Improve Patient Outcomes

Medication non-adherence is a significant problem in the United States, leading to $290 billion in otherwise avoidable medical costs each year in the U.S¹.

The STOMPP Study² demonstrates that SureMed® by Omnicell® multimed adherence blister cards have a significant impact on adherence and clinical outcomes, when used as part of a comprehensive pharmacy care program.

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STOMPP Study conclusion:

Patients had improved clinical outcomes and adherence rates when using blister packaging and medication therapy management services, individually and in combination. Blister packaging seemed to have a greater impact on medication adherence while MTM services helped improve clinical endpoints. However, patients who received the combination of services offered within the AP demonstrated higher improved clinical outcomes and adherence rates when compared to patients who did not. While each of these services was found to be more impactful that dispensing medications in pill bottles, combining them can provide a greater benefit to patients.

More about SureMed Adherence Blister Cards:

SureMed Adherence Blister Cards clearly organize multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format that provides instant visual reinforcement of what to take and when. Medications are organized by time of day and day of the week. Learn more about our specialized packaging options here.

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