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Have you found yourself wondering why medication pass takes so long to complete in your facility? Have you wondered if the process could somehow be stream-lined and efficient? Are you looking to have more time for your other patient-care duties?

Everyone’s goal is to administer medications accurately, timely and appropriately. But when you perform this task more than four times a day, doing so accurately becomes a significant problem. Failure to administer medications timely and accurately leads to missed med passes and mistakes in medicating residents, ultimately resulting in $290 billion of otherwise avoidable medical costs each year in the U.S¹.  [¹Source: New England Healthcare Institute (NEHI), 2009]

If you have found this to be true for you and your facility, we recommend trying medication administration using SureMed® packaging.

Improve Patient Outcomes with Medication Adherence Packaging, SureMed®:

SureMed® multi-dose packaging (MDP) can have a significant impact on medication adherence and clinical outcomes, when used as part of a comprehensive pharmacy care program.

SureMed® multi-dose packaging organizes multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format that provides instant visual reinforcement of what to take and when. Prescriptions are organized in the medication package by day and time.

SureMed® cards offer a clear, concise format that is easy for patients and caregivers alike to read and comprehend.”

Benefits of SureMed®:

  1. In a time when long-term care staffs have been asked to perform more duties with less resources, SureMed® MDP has helped to relieve some of the pressure and stress they feel while dispensing medications to their patients.
  2. SureMed® MDP allows for care staff to perform other duties for the care of their residents.
  3. Improve patient outcomes—a decrease in blood pressure and HbA1c has been seen in patients who use SureMed® MDP as compared with traditional pill vials.
  4. The convenience of SureMed® MDP helps improve staff morale by keeping the task of administering medications more efficient.

If you are interested in learning more about how SureMed® could help improve your facility’s med pass, while increasing accuracy, please contact your GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager. They would be happy to discuss medication packaging with you and how we can transition your facility to the convenience of SureMed®.  For northern Indiana, Ohio and Michigan that would be Mark Wolfe, 317-450-5723. For central and southern Indiana please contact Charissa Widegren, 317-771-3649; or simply call GrandView Pharmacy at 1-866-827-7575.

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