Article by Gunda Siska, Pharm.D.,

“As influenza season nears, strengthening the immune system with supplements and vaccines can help it withstand the annual onslaught of viruses. But there is no one-size-fits-all regimen – each individual must choose products specific to their health needs and situation, such as those described below.

Zinc: Immunity Booster

Malnourished children in Third World countries had a high mortality rate from infections – specifically, pneumonia and infectious diarrhea, which were the leading causes of death. When they were given zinc, which plays an integral role in immune function, their collective life expectancy went up.1 Share that information when recommending immunity boosters to patients and customers. Any person with a poor diet could have low levels of zinc and may benefit from a zinc supplement during the flu season. This includes people with anorexia, cachexia or alcoholism, as well as strict vegetarians and those who have limited food choices for any reason.”

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