Article by McKnight’s Long-term Care News

“The disparate post-acute care response across the country has alarmed some public policy experts, in part, because of the risks involved if nursing homes are forced to accept COVID-positive hospital patients. As a result, they have released a white paper that includes, among other recommendations, that only specialized skilled nursing facilities and other adequate post-acute care facilities accept COVID-positive patients.

“We have to completely rethink and disrupt and upend how we use post-acute care given the realities of the population that nursing homes serve and their lack of access to PPE [personal protective equipment] and lack of access to separate units,” Anne Tumlinson, CEO of ATI Advisory, a research and advisory services firm in Washington, D.C., told McKnight’s Monday. “Otherwise, you are exacerbating a public health crisis.”

Other agencies, such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, have offered guidance regarding designating separate COVID-19 facilities and units. However, the white paper “Post-Acute Preparedness in a COVID-19 World” offers a comprehensive post-acute care strategy for four stages of the crisis.”

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