Blog by Tim Alderdice, Director of Business Development, GrandView Pharmacy

GrandView deploys a variety of technology solutions to ensure that its customers get the right medication, at the right dose and at the right time. Often, we partner with vendors such as Capsa to provide innovative solutions to the long-term care industry. Utilizing Capsa’s FirstDose platform, Grandview can offer your facility a next generation cloud-based alternative to the traditional “tackle box” EDK.

This computerized medication management system eliminates many of the manual steps associated with accessing the traditional EDK. It also provides additional security. The FirstDose machine can be configured to your facilities specific needs and may include up to 400 medications. In comparison, the traditional EDK can accommodate 100 or less.

Lastly, Capsa’s system interfaces with the pharmacy management platform to identify what medications need to be restocked and where, reducing inventory shrinkage. Although this system is not designed to eliminate STAT deliveries, it can be a very appropriate and valuable adjunct. Learn more here.

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