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Many of you, as residents or nursing staff, administrators or business office managers, know of GrandView Pharmacy. If you are a resident in independent living or assisted living, you may contact GrandView Pharmacy about your pharmacy bill and insurance.  If you are not a resident and work on the nursing care side, you may have frequent contact with GrandView Pharmacy by speaking with our pharmacy technicians or pharmacists regarding new medication orders, medication appropriateness, or special circumstances. GrandView Pharmacy also provides consultant pharmacists that you may interact with frequently. But there is another pharmacy contact that you should also be interacting with on a regular basis; and, that is your GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager. GrandView has two Account Managers that work throughout the state of Indiana. Mark Wolfe covers the northern portion of the state, and Charissa Widegren cares for central and southern Indiana.

Why is your Account Manager important?

Your Account Manager is the liaison between your facility and the pharmacy. Your Account Manager is available to assist you on issues or concerns that crop up from time to time involving the pharmacy. These might include service issues, maintenance on the pharmacy provided equipment, assisting facilities in scheduling vaccine clinics for influenza or Covid-19, and more.

For this issue, we have asked Mark Wolfe to tell his story so that you might better know him and what experiences he brings to you to assist you in your relationship with GrandView Pharmacy.

Meet Mark Wolfe

“Hello! You might like to know that I am a Hoosier. Now, while I was born in Michigan, I moved to Indiana as soon as I heard about it! My wife and I recently celebrated my 39th wedding anniversary. I am the very proud father of three wonderful children, and I have a grandson. I have been with GrandView Pharmacy for over four years serving as an Account Manager. I would like to share my story with you as to how I became an Account Manager in Long Term Care, LTC.

My very first introduction to LTC was when I was a 14 year old Boy Scout. I needed a service project for my Life Rank on which I was working. I ended up going to a skilled nursing facility for 6 straight weekends, assisting where I could. I mostly handed out reading materials from a cart that I would push up and down the hallways. The reading material consisted of mostly newspapers, magazines, Reader’s Digest and books. Many times, I ended up reading the newspapers to residents, or short stories from the Reader’s Digests.

I saw firsthand the loneliness, isolation, ageism of the residents I frequented. If I could bring a smile to a resident’s face, I felt happy myself and it was good day.

Now, this was in the 60’s. I witnessed, but didn’t understand why certain things not done nowadays but were done then. (Such as physical restraints.) Well, I earned my Life Rank and eventually became an Eagle Scout.

As I grew older, I received a college education and went into banking. While I was there for some time, I never felt fulfilled and through acquaintances that I made there I decided to become a pharmaceutical sales rep. I sold vaccines and other biological products. These were mostly childhood vaccines such as DTP, Hib, Polio, MMR, etc. But I also sold an agent to Urologists and Oncologists for superficial bladder cancer, or travel vaccines such as Hepatitis A & B, Japanese Encephalitis to name a few.

Due to a changing business environment, I became a Sales Rep for a long term care pharmacy that progressed into my becoming a regional rep for IN, OH, MI, KY, ILL, WI and IA; and ultimately, the GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager that I am today.

While I was a vaccine rep, I could always say that I was selling a product that saved newborns and children from debilitating diseases. Or, that I helped an adult patient fight urinary bladder cancer. Transitioning into a long-term care representative seemed like a likely evolution. I now impact the lives of senior citizens in a variety of LTC settings such as independent & assisted living, skilled nursing, home health care, and even those residents that are intellectually challenged.

My goal is to work with the staff of various facilities so that concerns or issues with the pharmacy are solved or minimized so that staff can care for the residents entrusted to them. I aim to maximize the residents’ care. I frequently say that while I do not have any relatives residing in my clients’ facilities, I nonetheless view each resident there as though they are MY loved ones!”

Further questions can be directed to a Grandview pharmacy representative. For Account Manager Mark Wolfe, please call 317-450-5723, or email at For Account Manager Charissa Widegren please call 317-771-3649, or email her at

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