Blog by Charissa Widegren, Customer Account Representative, GrandView Pharmacy

Many of you, as residents or nursing staff, administrators or business office managers, know of GrandView Pharmacy. If you are a resident in independent living or assisted living, you may contact GrandView Pharmacy about your pharmacy bill and insurance.  If you are not a resident and work on the nursing care side, you may have frequent contact with GrandView Pharmacy by speaking with our pharmacy technicians or pharmacists regarding new medication orders, medication appropriateness, or special circumstances. GrandView Pharmacy also provides consultant pharmacists that you may interact with frequently. But there is another pharmacy contact that you should also be interacting with on a regular basis; and, that is your GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager. GrandView has two Account Managers that work throughout the state of Indiana. Mark Wolfe covers the northern portion of the state, and Charissa Widegren cares for central and southern Indiana.

Why is your Account Manager important?

Your Account Manager is the liaison between your facility and the pharmacy. Your Account Manager is available to assist you on issues or concerns that crop up from time to time involving the pharmacy. These might include service issues, maintenance on the pharmacy provided equipment, assisting facilities in scheduling vaccine clinics for influenza or Covid-19, and more.

For this issue, we have asked Charissa Widegren to tell her story so that you might better know her and what experiences she brings in order to assist you better in your relationship with GrandView Pharmacy.

Meet Charissa

Hi there! I was born and raised on the Westside of Indianapolis. I bought my first home in 2003 in Beech Grove, Indiana where I lived with my husband for 12 years, until we moved out to Greencastle, Indiana. That was when we decided to “get away” from the city and to start a farm life! There, we raise goats, chickens and from time to time pigs. I love to garden, playing in the dirt is my happy place — unless it’s on a beach with a book in my hands!

I am a Hoosier at heart, and I’m proud of it. I have been with my husband for 20 years, married for almost 16 and we have a beautiful 12 year old daughter.

I have been with GrandView pharmacy for almost 7 years now! During my first 2 years, I was the Executive Assistant to the owner of the pharmacy. I learned so much from him, and when I was given the opportunity to be the Account manager for the southern territory, I was very excited! At the time, I had no idea how much I would love being an Account Manager! I am a problem solver at heart and realized this is the career I am supposed to have.

I love what I do and enjoy everyone I work with. I love working with the staff at my facilities I get so much enjoyment in helping them thru their problems. I have a great team behind me at the pharmacy.

The saying goes: you are only as good as the team that backs you up, I totally agree with that sentiment.

Further questions can be directed to a Grandview pharmacy representative. For Account Manager Mark Wolfe, please call 317-450-5723, or email at For Account Manager Charissa Widegren please call 317-771-3649, or email her at

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