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Thank you for selecting GrandView Pharmacy (CVS Health Provider) as your preferred pharmacy provider to administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Since March, CVS Health has helped lead the fight against COVID-19. Now, we’re ready to leverage our network of retail pharmacies and our team of over 30,000 immunizers to administer vaccines. The purpose of these resources are to guide you through the COVID-19 vaccination clinic journey and what to expect.

To support the COVID-19 vaccine clinic model, every facility must verify their primary and secondary contact information. Updated contact information will help ensure you receive timely updates, access to clinic resources, and scheduling information.

Below are dedicated resources to help you get started:

Your Step-by-Step guide to the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

  1. Scheduling Notification
    Once the vaccine is available, we will begin scheduling clinics. Be on the lookout for email notifications* sent to the point of contact provided on CDC survey, indicating your pre-selected clinic dates.
  2. Confirmation Phone Call
    Confirmation phone calls will be made by our pharmacy teams to the facility point of contact, in order to confirm the first two pre-selected clinic dates and officially move forward with the vaccine program.
  3. Consent Form Completion
    Consent forms for the first two clinics will be mailed directly to you and need to be completed by each individual planning to participate in the clinic (patient & employee), along with copies of their insurance cards.
  4. Multi Patient Upload in VCS
    Facility point of contact will access the Vaccine Clinic Scheduler via a link in their confirmation email*, download the template, complete with all patient & employee data then submit 10 days prior to clinic date.
  5. Clinic Day Logistics
    A partnership will be required between the CVS pharmacy team and facility staff, to ensure a successful clinic event.

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