Article by iAdvanced Senior Care

“With social distancing measures in place, the inability of residents and families to visit in person has been stressful and upsetting. Senior care facilities have quickly identified solutions to help keep residents and families connected, like allowing visits through facility windows.

Technology, including video conferencing, offers one way to maintain a personal connection during these times, but some facilities are getting creative and moving beyond technology, too.

Video Conferencing Technology Facilities Can Use

Video conferencing allows residents and families to not only talk, but to interact with each other visually. Being able to see a resident can provide valuable reassurance to families during this time, and video conferencing is particularly ideal for families who may live long distances from facilities and who are unable to visit.

Luckily, facilities can use many types of free video conferencing technology. Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, and FaceTime are all free to use. These platforms are relatively easy to learn to use, so staff can learn them, help to teach residents, and be available for basic troubleshooting, too.”

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