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When prospective residents are looking for a facility, they are looking for what makes that facility stand out. What is unique about the facility? We know that nursing services is extremely important for any nursing facility, while each facility must also give their residents medications. Individuals want to know, How will this facility make this feel like my home? With this in mind, how can your facility make changes in order to turn it from feeling like an institution, into a sweet home for your residents?

According to the National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign, there are seven main steps to having a successful person-centered care approach within your facility. These steps are:
• Explore Goals
• Identify Baseline
• Examine Process
• Create Improvement
• Engage
• Monitor & Sustain
• Celebrate Success

On their website, they go through multiple resource tools in order to assist you with every step of this process. Does your staff ask your residents what their goals are? Does your staff monitor and help grow those goals so your residents can be successful? And most importantly, do they celebrate with the residents when they accomplish their goals? Everyone likes to be successful and be recognized when they reach their goals. What ways are you, as a facility, making sure that the goals of each resident are being met even if their goals seem odd?

By having person-centered care approaches within your facility, you are deciding to be responsible for the choices that your residents have made. What they would like? What would they dislike? This task can become difficult to fulfill. Remember, when giving the residents the ability to make choices on their care, you can give them options instead of open questions. Ask questions such as, “Would you like to watch TV or read books?” Rather than questions such as, “What do you like to do?” Giving the residents options will keep you from getting answers such as “I like to go on cruises.” Which is something that most likely, your facility will not be able to accommodate.

Along with person-centered care in your facility, your pharmacy may be able to assist as well. If your resident would prefer their medications crushed, let your pharmacy know. They will be able to look at the medications and help decide which medications can be crushed for your resident. If they do not like taking large pills, once again your pharmacy can assist with this in finding the medication in a smaller size.

Simple considerations such as these will help you achieve your goal of having a successful person-centered care approach within your facility.

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