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It is wonderful to see local farmer’s markets available in almost every town! To visit our local vendors is one of my favorite things to do during the summer. Many of our seniors grew up with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, so taking them to farmer’s markets reminds them of the excitement of eating their favorite homegrown foods. When you visit a farmer’s market, it not only serves as a fun outing for your residents, but it also makes them feel that they are giving back to their community by purchasing from local farmers.

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are filled with vitamins and minerals? They’re also low in calories! It is a well-known fact that oranges are packed with vitamin C. However, did you know that certain vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables actually aid in the prevention of bone loss? This is according to Emily Nicklett’s article “Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Older Adults: A Scoping Review.” After reading this, it really opened up my eyes! I love the taste of farm-fresh produce, but to know it may also aid in my bone-health, makes it taste extra sweet! I found this information interesting and I believe it is something we should share with our senior residents.

Many seniors are willing to change their nutritional habits if they know that it will benefit their health. So, I encourage you to take advantage of a nice, sunny afternoon and visit a local farmer’s market with your residents! If your residents are not able to visit a local farmer’s market, consider bringing the market to them. You could choose to purchase several items that you know your residents would enjoy or even ask a local farmer if they would set up at your facility for a few hours!

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