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“Amy Greeson, RPh, had her first experience in a pharmacy when she was young, at her father’s pharmacy in Thomasville, North Carolina. On the occasional days when her mother dropped the children off at the pharmacy, Greeson said it was up to her father to keep them entertained while he worked.

“He would have us on the floor in between the aisles of the pharmaceuticals with coloring books,” she recalled, laughing.

Nearly 50 years later, Greeson’s idea of pharmacy has changed somewhat. She still believes in the power of the profession to change lives, but she has combined that power with her passion for discovering untapped natural resources in the world’s most remote regions.

Along with her B.S. in pharmacy from UNC-Chapel Hill, Greeson’s education has included some much more unique experiences. She’s been to Belize to study native therapies, studied in the Amazon with a local medicine man and woman, and learned from traditional healers in Mexico. Now, as the founder of 2 companies that aim to combine modern medicine with traditional healing techniques, Greeson has found her niche.”

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