Article by Pharmacy Times

“One of the biggest struggles facing patients today is ensuring they have the proper medications on hand and that they are taking their medications correctly. Often, patients are given new prescriptions and asked to manage multiple, complex therapies on their own. This can result in delays in starting therapy, duplicate therapies being taken, and gaps in care because of numerous issues. For most patients, it can be incredibly confusing to navigate the world of health care, pharmacy, prior authorizations, and drug interactions. Studies have shown retail adherence averaging 30% to 50% when patients are asked to manage their therapy on their own, and up to half of all new medications may never get filled. Patients are making 5 to 6 trips to the pharmacy every month but are still not getting the most benefit out of their medications.

Thrifty White’s RxMedSync model takes the struggle out of correctly filling medications. Our internal system identifies all eligible patients (who are on 2 or more maintenance medications), and our store team reaches out to discuss the benefits of the program with each patient. We currently have more than 70,000 patients who have opted into the program. Upon a patient’s enrollment, our pharmacy team performs an initial medication review to ensure each patient is taking the correct medications, at the correct times, and is not missing any therapy. Once we know the medications are correct, we align them to fill all of them on the same date each month and proactively schedule the patient’s pickup appointment. This allows patients to make 1 trip to the pharmacy each month and know they are getting the proper medications.”

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