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So, you have decided to switch pharmacy providers and now the real worrying begins. You begin to question… Will GrandView Pharmacy take care of all the elements important to them AND the facility? Will GrandView Pharmacy address not only the pharmacy side, but also the other elements important to a long-term care facility? How will the anxiety of our residents, and the staff, be alleviated by GrandView Pharmacy? How can we be assured all these issues will be covered and put our minds at ease?

The very short answer to these questions is a simple YES!

However, “The devil is in the details.” This idiom is aptly used when discussing a pharmacy transition process. Rest Assured, GrandView Pharmacy has a plan that will address issues important to the pharmacy, while also addressing the issues important to the facility, the staff and the residents that reside there.

After you decide to use GrandView Pharmacy as your provider, and the contracts have been signed, you’ll be assigned an Account Manger. The Account Manager will gather important information about your facility. This process begins with the use of a Transition Worksheet to gather basic information. This includes collecting the correct address, phone numbers, and the names of the Administrator, the Business Office Manager, the Director of Nursing, the Unit Managers, the Discharge Coordinator and the Medical Director(s).

How are medications to be dispensed when insurance claims are rejected? IS the facility responsible? If so, to what extent are they responsible? How are controlled substances to be handled? What type medical records does the facility use?

The Account Manager will request a copy of the current census and the physician orders for each of those residents so that pharmacy can begin to build a resident profile of the facility. A second set of POs will be requested 2-3 days from the scheduled start date. By doing so, it assures that GrandView has as close to an up-to-date record of the residents as possible. A Start Date will be determined via a telephone conversation between the Account Manager, the GrandView Pharmacist in Charge, the Director of Nursing and the Administrator.

A variety of equipment may be ordered based on the desire and needs of the facility. The number of medication carts needed will be determined, along with any accessories that are to be included, if any.

What are the medication pass times each day? Does the facility require emergency drug kits (EDKs)? If so, which type, etc.?

Once all the who, what, when, where and how questions are asked and answered, the GrandView Account Manager also will ask about what else the facility may need.

When the Account Manager has done a thorough job of asking questions and gathering all the information possible, he enters the information into a Transitional Worksheet and submits it to various department heads within GrandView Pharmacy. These departments will be responsible to complete, in detail, what is pertinent to those precise areas of operation.

Weekly Transitional meetings held using a checklist to assure information is all being entered, equipment is being ordered, ensuring everything is on track for the specific start date. This information is communicated with the facility in question so that they, too, know GrandView is moving towards a timely completion to transition their building. During this time, in-services will be hosted for the staff on how to order medications through GrandView. These will address questions such as, the cut off times for medication ordering, etc. The facility will be assigned a Consultant Pharmacist and a Billing Account Specialist, both of whom will become intimately knowledgeable about this facility. The Account Manager should provide a Policy and Procedure presentation and a post-test to help the facility D.O.N. know that each staff shift knows how to work with GrandView Pharmacy. Additionally, meetings will be scheduled to meet with the residents of the facility, their family, and/or the responsible parties. These meetings are meant to address the reasons for the change in pharmacy providers, what this change means to them and how to work with and through GrandView Pharmacy.

We try to leave no stone unturned. As stated earlier “the devil is in the details.” Working through each key area of concern (Billing, Medical Records, Equipment, GrandView Operations, Delivery, Communication, Consulting, and Marketing), we assure that we have a SOLID plan of account. We believe no detail is too minor to ignore, and ensure the entire GrandView Pharmacy team is prepared to make your transition as seamless as possible. Our desire is to give you confidence in your decision to use GrandView Pharmacy, and to be confident that the process rolls out smoothly.

If you are interested in learning more about using GrandView Pharmacy, please reach out to our Sales Team, Mark Prifogle or Tim Alderdice, at 1-866-827-7575.

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