Reduce Pharmacy Related Expenses

Soaring drug costs for Medicare A, Medicare D and non-covered items is a nightmare for any senior care provider and it often results in hardships for facilities and residents.

Because of our GrandAdvantage and COSMO (Criteria for Optimized Senior Medication Outcomes) programs the percentage of residents on an antianxiety or hypnotic medication is 12.03% lower than the federal average. See more results from these programs.

What is the GrandAdvantage™ program?

Comprehensive Fiscal Management

Manage costs & reduce financial liability: Our GrandAdvantage™ program is a proprietary program combining comprehensive fiscal management to help you manage pharmacy costs and reduce financial liability from intervention at pre-admission through resident discharge or payor source.

Preliminary Cost Analysis: Potential Resident Medication

Intake Evaluations: Internal Pharmacy

Recommendations: Therapeutic Substitution

COSMO: Evidence-Based and Value-Driven Therapeutic Interchange

Trouble Shooting & Support: Non-Covered / Prior Authorization Medications

Crediting: Returned Medication

“Just changing 1 medication per resident through our GrandAdvantage™ Program equals $159,600 in savings per year. Figure based on a 100-bed dually certified SNF/NF building.”

How GrandAdvantage™ Can Help Your Facility

Reimbursement opportunities: With the many reimbursement changes that are arriving in long-term care, you cannot afford NOT to implement this program! The average cost savings to a facility for each brand medication therapeutically substituted for an equivalent generic product is $60-$70 dollars.

Generic substitutions: Could mean hundreds of dollars in savings for every resident, every month! Lowering the cost of medications upon admission in addition to taking advantage of credits for unused medication is a win-win for your facility and your residents.

Save with the GrandAdvantage™ Program Today

Experience superior cost savings: The program is already in place at GrandView Pharmacy. You just need to make sure that your building is taking advantage of this program with every potential admission. If you are currently not contracting GrandView Pharmacy BEFORE you admit a Medicare A resident and experience superior cost savings today!

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Deficiency free survey from the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy

In the spring of 2017, the GrandView Pharmacy locations in Brownsburg, IN and Fort Wayne, IN were awarded a deficiency free survey from the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy. We’re extremely proud of our team members who worked hard to accomplish this goal. Read more about it here.