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Waiting on a medical director to send in a prescription to your pharmacy can be extremely frustrating for a resident and yourself as the nurse. The easiest way to mitigate this problem is to have the doctor electronically prescribe the medications directly to the resident’s preferred pharmacy. This process allows the doctors to prescribe medications from anywhere! At a baseball game? No problem, just eScribe. At their child’s school event? No problem again, just eScribe. Now there is no reason for the doctor to have to go back into the office or leave an event in order to prescribe medications for your residents. Thus, expediting the process, saving time and frustration.

The use of ePrescribing by doctors also reduces the stress of getting new and controlled prescriptions out to the residents within your facility. The ability for a doctor to accurately and timely prescribe narcotics is one of the best things about ePrescribing. As an approved vendor, GrandView Pharmacy is able to accept control scripts, even up through a schedule class 2, without any problems. Our automated system increases efficiency by reducing the amount of time committed to handling faxes and confirmations, as well as reducing the back and forths that come with interpreting handwriting.

One of the first doctors to embrace electronic prescribing writes, “The number one benefit of e-prescribing is, without question, safety. In addition to the safety benefits of legibility, Tall Man lettering, checking for interactions, checking for allergies, etc., one that is often overlooked is the ability to quickly identify patients on recalled medications or medications still on the market whose safety has been called into question” (Alder, 2009).

We all know that when a resident is in need of a medication, it is important that they do not have to wait. With ePrescribing, you can increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve patient care. Learn more here.

Alder, K. (2009, Jan – Feb). E-prescribing: Why the Fuss? Fam Pract Manag. Issue 16(1); 22-27.

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