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In last month’s newsletter I wrote about the benefits of using the SureMed multi-dose packaging to improve the med-pass process in Assisted Living units. This month, I would like to present the process used by GrandView Pharmacy in switching your facility from one packaging option over to the SureMed.

Within our pharmacy, we use a Multi-Dose Packaging (MDP) Planning sheet so that all of our teams are communicating with one another and that no step is left undone. As with all things, our number one goal is that our clients have an excellent experience with GrandView Pharmacy. Our MDP Planning sheet has been designed to guide through each step of our internal process.

The process begins with the facility having a need, leading to a conversation indicating that SureMed packaging might be a solution to the facility’s needs. With this interest, your GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager will arrange a demonstration and/or an in-service of how SureMed works with leadership team at the facility. In many instances, this will then move on to sharing with the facility staff. Our goal of these initial meetings, is to ensure the facility staff is comfortable with the concept and feel SureMed is a good solution for the facility needs.

A White Paper Audit will be performed by a pharmacy nurse consultant. This audit is a MAR print it out on a white piece of paper, thus the name. This white sheet will be compared to the facilities’ eMAR to determine that pharmacy and the facility have the same data. The audit will also compare the times of administration to the SureMed packaging times of availability.

The result of the White Paper audit is compared once again by our pharmacy team with the SureMed cards that have been packed per each residents’ needs.

Medications are then delivered to the facility in advance of the “need date.” This allows staff to make a final check for accuracy and to call pharmacy for any last-minute orders or a change.

As you can see, it is a timely process but GrandView Pharmacy wants to assure that the medications are accurate so your residents receive their prescribed medications in a safe and secure packaging. Thus, resulting in them receiving the care that their physicians prescribed.

If you have any questions or desire more information on using SureMed multi-dose packaging you can contact your GrandView Account Manager. For northern Indiana, Ohio and Michigan that would be Mark Wolfe, 317-450-5723. For central and southern Indiana please contact Charissa Widegren, 317-771-3649; or simply call GrandView Pharmacy at 1-866-827-7575.

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