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Due to the Covid19 crisis GrandView Pharmacy has had to alter some of our normal, usual and customary policy and procedures. One area of policy and procedures that has caused a bit of confusion has been around returning medications to the pharmacy for credit.

This article was written with the idea of clarifying this step for the facilities that we serve. Except for controlled substances, or where prohibited by state law, discontinued or unused medications are returned to the provider pharmacy for credit whenever possible. (1) GrandView Pharmacy Policy & Procedures Manual, page 46: Returning Medications to GrandView Pharmacy.

But recently, the current Covid19 crisis has forced GrandView Pharmacy to change how we process, or even accept the return of medications from facilities. The changes in processing were necessary in order to significantly minimize the spread of any further coronavirus to the facilities we serve, the residents and the staff within those facilities, and to our own personnel.

Over the past few weeks GrandView Pharmacy instructed facilities that if there was a confirmed case(s) of Covid19 within the facility, we were not able to take any returns whatsoever from that facility. That was to be in place until such time the facility had no active confirmed cases of Covid19 within the building. This required the facilities to store those medications until such time until it was deemed OK to send those medications back to GrandView. We apologize for these drastic measures, but as we all know this pandemic has required normal policy and procedures to be changed frequently. Sometimes this has meant what your Account Manager may have told you on Monday had then been changed later that week, if not the very next day.

But, as we learn more about this pandemic, and as major healthcare think tanks learn more about the virus we can adjust and adapt to the new knowledge. Therefore, GrandView is now allowing for returns from COVID positive facilities to come back to the pharmacies.

Facilities should be processing their returns by using the “return forms.” Here are the steps to follow:

  1. When returns come back from COVID positive facilities, these same medications are to be quarantined for 7 days. A GrandView Pharmacy technician in full PPE will put the medications in bins for destruction without processing. (Rest assured that none of these medications will be recycled and put back on pharmacy shelves).
  2. If a facility that was, at one time, Covid19 positive has medications to return, the returns need to come back to the pharmacy double bagged. You may want to use a different color bag to identify COVID positive facilities. Ask your GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager for colored, plastic bags to affect such a return. Be sure to label the bags as returns and that the facility had at one time housed a Covid19 positive resident. Use of colored bags to use for returns is VERY helpful so that GrandView Pharmacy delivery drivers are not responsible for separating COVID returns from non-COVID returns.
  3. For non-COVID facilities, please follow the normal return procedures after the 7 day quarantine period with the facility.
  4. Normal Return Procedures require the facility to complete a Medication Disposition/Returns for Credit form.
    • This form should be filled out completely. That means name of facility, patient name, Date of Return, The reason for the return.
    • Please fill out the shaded area on the form in the lower 2/3s of the form. Drug and Strength, the Rx#, the fill date, Quantity being returned, Label sticker, if available.

Completing this Medication Disposition form fully helps pharmacy process returns more efficiently and thus able to offer any credits in a quicker manner. Ifyou have any questions regarding returning medications back to GrandView Pharmacy, please call your Account Manager. You can call your Account Manager directly, or call GrandView Pharmacy at 1-866-827-7575 and they can connect you with your Account Manager.

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