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Current scientific literature emphasizes the need to reduce the use of inappropriate antibiotics in all health care settings due to antimicrobial resistance. According to the World Health Organization (WHO): “Antimicrobial resistance threatens the effective prevention and treatment of an ever-increasing range of infections caused by bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified that 40-75% of all antibiotics prescribed in US long-term care facilities are either unnecessary or inappropriate. The CDC has also stated: “Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications in nursing homes. Up to 70% of long-term care facilities’ residents receive an antibiotic every year.”

The Joint Commission participated in the White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship on June 2, 2015. Subsequently, it developed the antimicrobial stewardship standard for hospitals, critical access hospitals, nursing care centers, ambulatory care organizations, and office-based surgery practices and conducted a field review in November and December 2015. Prior to and during the field review, Joint Commission staff conducted calls on the proposed antimicrobial stewardship standard with several governmental and professional organizations, including CMS. On November 28, 2017 Phase II of CMS rules of participation included a mandate for an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) as part of the Infection Control and Prevention Program.

At GrandView, we understood quickly that developing an ASP could place an overwhelming burden on key stakeholders including the Medical Director, Director of Nursing and Infection Control Nurse. Therefore, we developed an effective ASP toolkit and assisted our customers in implementing effective Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs. These programs are already seeing remarkable progress in making antibiotic use more efficacious. Reach out to us if we can be a resource in this area.

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