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Long Term Care facilities continually must do more with less; and yet, to care for their residents and to remain compliant so many “activities” can sometimes distract nursing staff from doing the thing they need to do most…care for their residents. One huge part of that is to manage medication administrations.

GrandView Pharmacy offers Prescriber Connect to help healthcare providers send prescriptions electronically to our pharmacy. This includes control substances, even schedule II’s. Exchanging prescription information electronically between prescribers and pharmacy improves accuracy in orders and saves time!

There is increased safety as well as pharmacy technicians and pharmacists do not have to decipher or interpret handwritten orders. This aspect alone significantly reduces the opportunity for med errors. Additionally, there is also a reduction in the number of telephone calls between the facility and the pharmacy seeking clarification, or to make cut off times. By using Prescriber Connect nurses simply use their laptops, in real time, to send orders to pharmacy thus saving time resulting in fewer distractions to having orders placed promptly, accurately and efficiently. According to AmeriSourceBergen, (5/22-02) Consumers believe that electronic transmission of prescriptions from physicians to pharmacists is the best way to reduce medication errors, according to the AmerisourceBergen Index(C), a national survey. Additionally, a case study published in The WebM&M by Elisa W. Ashton, PharmD, “also estimates that the increase in e-prescribing could prevent 3.5 million medication errors and 585,000 hospitalizations by 2018”.

If you are not already utilizing technology to its fullest and would like further information on how to improve and be more efficient in your daily medications ordering process, please contact your GrandView Pharmacy Account Manager. He or she will be happy to guide you through the process and help get you set up using Prescriber Connect.

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