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Here we are in the midst of this dreaded Covid19 Pandemic and it is also time to seriously consider getting a flu shot. The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends annual flu vaccinations for everyone 6 months of age and older, with rare exceptions, as it is an effective way to decrease flu illness, hospitalizations and deaths. (1) CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, newsletter September 21, 2020.

How do you get a greater number of your residents protected against the flu when there are so many restrictions due to Covid19? You know what I mean, restrictions on travel, going out in general public, social distancing, the list goes on. The people that reside within your facility are the most vulnerable; and therefore, the ones that should consider receiving a flu shot.

One way to assure that residents in Assisted Living and Independent Living communities within your facility receive flu shots is to schedule a Flu Clinic through GrandView Pharmacy.

The benefits of doing so are many….

  • Convenience:  Flu shots come to them rather than needing to leave the facility.
  • Ease:  GrandView Pharmacy partners with a local CVS retail pharmacy store to arrive at the facility on the date and time frame desired by the facility. We provide the facility with Flu Clinic flyers stating the date, time and location within the facility to receive their shots. Residents are asked to provide their insurance information to cover the cost. Most insurance companies cover the cost of influenza immunizations.
  • Documentation: GrandView Pharmacy provides an authorization form for every resident desiring a flu immunization. One copy is offered to the resident, one to the facility and one to the pharmacy. This provides proof that the shot was administered at a certain date, what precise vaccine product was utilized, the location the shot was given: i.e. deltoid muscle, left or right arm. CVS bills the insurance to cover the cost of the vaccine.
  • Image:  This is another ‘value-added’ service made available to residents that offers residents’ and their families’ peace of mind knowing that your facility is working to keep their loved ones safe and healthy. It lets all interested parties know that your facility is looking out for their best interests.
  • Stress Relief:  By having GrandView Pharmacy perform the flu clinics, this eases the burden on facility staff. GrandView & CVS pharmacy personnel administer the shots and process the paperwork for the facility.

GrandView Pharmacy provides flu vaccine to facilities that pre-book flu orders in the spring time prior to beginning of each flu season. These pre-bookings are mostly for skilled nursing facilities. However, the spring time is also the time for AL and IL facilities to request that a flu clinic be scheduled for their locations. While it is always best to schedule a clinic ahead of time, CVS can still perform clinics with last minute notification. But there are no guarantees on the availability as flu season approaches. Therefore, it is always best to schedule early. You always have the option to cancel a previously scheduled clinic.

Residents can also receive immunizations against Hepatitis A or B, or Pneumonia, or Shingles if they so desire.

If you are interested in learning more about the ease of scheduling a flu clinic within your community please reach out to your Grandview Pharmacy Account Manager For northern Indiana, Ohio and Michigan that would be Mark Wolfe, 317-450-5723. For central and southern Indiana please contact Charissa Widegren, 317-771-3649; or simply call GrandView Pharmacy at 1-866-827-7575.

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