The United States government has decided that we have a problem. For too many years, we have had doctors prescribing antibiotics for everything and now we find ourselves in a tight situation. We are finding people who have a disease that has become resistant to any and all of the antibiotics that we know of. This is causing a huge concern for medical professionals all over the United States. Because of this over-use of antibiotics, we have created the problem of ‘super bugs,’ that we cannot combat with antibiotics. So, the government decided to do something about this problem before it grew any farther out of control, so they developed the antimicrobial stewardship program.

The antimicrobial stewardship program has great benefits as long as the individuals involved understand the reasoning for this program. It has been decided that this is so important that licensed nursing facilities are required by the state to provide information on their antimicrobial stewardship program each year during annual surveys. This is where GrandView Pharmacy can help.

At GrandView Pharmacy, we look for ways to assist our customers in every way possible. We have put together a complete antimicrobial stewardship program to assist our customers in having all the tools they need to successfully produce an antimicrobial stewardship program within their facility. We continue our assistance with this program by:

• Ensuring antibiotics have an indication
• Ensure antibiotics are ordered correctly based on resistance patterns of the facility
• Optimize antibiotic dosing to the patient
• Follow up on culture results
• Follow up on treatment therapy
• Monitor for adverse drug events and drug to drug interactions
• Assist in policy and procedure development for antibiotic stewardship and education in-services
• Provide antibiotic usage reports for the facility

At GrandView Pharmacy, we believe in making education available to use for our facilities in every way we can. We are constantly watching for updates to the facilities regulations so we can assist in every way possible and provide the tools needed in order for our customers to be successful.

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