Blog by Tim Alderdice, Director of Business Development, GrandView Pharmacy

As part of GrandView Pharmacy’s ongoing commitment to provide its customer base with the latest technologies, we partner with Swisslog to provide Insite, a remote, in-facility packaging and dispensing system.

The InSite System stores up to 240 different medication types in a single medication dispensing unit, providing automated, on-demand, on site compliance packaging for oral solid medications prior to administration. The InSite System seeks to change the way medications are dispensed in long-term care facilities. This onsite medication packaging and delivery technology enables secure, automated dispensing on location at long-term care facilities. InSite is designed to improve patient safety, reduce medication waste and save nursing time by delivering pharmacist-approved, on-demand medication 24/7/365.

With InSite, the medication dispensing process is automated and accurate. Nurses can quickly package medications before each med pass, or on-demand to facilitate new residents, First Doses, STAT orders and PRNs. The InSite System works to transform the labor-intensive med pass by minimizing waste and increasing workflow efficiency. With on-demand packaging, changes in prescribed medications or patient residency will no longer produce unused blister packs that need to be destroyed or returned. This reduction in waste processing delivers an average of $4,000 savings per month per facility. When contrasting in-facility medication packaging to the traditional blister card model, InSite can significantly reduce the number of steps and minimize the opportunity for human error.

Please reach out to Mel Green at 317-417-6107 or Tim Alderdice at 317-750-3912 for more details on the Insite System and how it might benefit your facility.

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