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GrandView Pharmacy is a long-term care pharmacy provider who knows what you go through to deliver care. We provide our clients with the best customer service in our industry. Many times, such needs include a quick response to your inquiries. Never is speed or rapid response to inquiries more important than when responding to pricing checks regarding to new residents.

Every new resident that comes to live in your facility is essential to the facility’s success and the continued mission of providing quality health care to your community. But every other long-term care facility in your community is vying for the very same discharges that you are. You know the scenario, right? It is late in the day, local discharge planners tell you early in the day that there are potential referrals coming your way, but they have not decided yet what they want to do. So now you dig in, you get your paperwork started, you obtain the resident profile and you see an unusual medication, one you are not very familiar with. You have to decide if you can adequately care plan this resident and still satisfy your financial model. And now the pharmacy is also swamped. Numerous other long-term care facilities are calling, and the Billing Account Specialists are also slammed. What do you do now? You desperately need a cost out on the list of drugs. What do you do?

As stated, earlier GrandView Pharmacy stands ready to assist you; but while it doesn’t happen often, we too can get busy. However, we don’t want you to miss out on a potential new resident at a critical time of day! If what you need is a cost out of the medications of this potential new resident, GrandView Pharmacy has a tool to help you in that exact scenario! The tool is known as GrandRX Connect.

GrandRX Connect is a web-based communication tool that allows you to not only cost out medications when you are battling the clock and the competition, it is also a tool that allows you access to our GrandView Pharmacy system. We will provide you with login credentials that allow you to view your own residents, record medications, track orders, view and edit residents’ data. It even contains financial and operational reporting options.

If you would like to have more medication information at your fingertips, or you simply want to improve your chances with your local discharge planners, you should strongly consider using GrandRx Connect as an additional communication tool. The Account Managers at GrandView Pharmacy will gladly discuss this with you. Call 1-866-827-7575 today and ask for the Account Manager for your area.

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