Blog by Mark Prifogle, GrandView Pharmacy CEO

I am happy to announce two recent changes, as it relates to our infusion service program for skilled nursing communities.

While we have continued to support the Baxter 6201 model, it was discovered recently, we cannot get service/replacement parts any longer. Instead of trying to source replacement 6201s, we have partnered with Baxter to convert all of our infusion pumps to the new Sigma Spectrum Touch Screen.

An overview on the new pump is available at and an informational video is available by clicking here.

With this change, there are elements of our current infusion manual that are no longer relevant. Additionally, when they were audited, a few additional items were found to no longer be best practice. In an effort to return to best practices, and receive consistent updates, GrandView will convert to the CVS’ Infusion Manual, published by Omnicare. I have included a copy of the manual, but due to its length, I have also included a quick-reference crosswalk to highlight specific changes from our previous manual to our new manual.

With the new pumps, each community will have a live in-service with Lesta Ammerman, RN, with CVS Infusion, and be left a Sigma Pump to train on for 2 weeks prior to implementation. This will give each community ample time to familiarize each nurse with the new pump at a time convenient to the community.

We are excited to announce these positive changes to our infusion services program for our skilled nursing communities! Please do not hesitate to contact me, or your Account Manager, with any questions.