We’re proud of our employees and here’s why. Have You Met…

Customer service is important to our organization because it is the primary source of communication with our clients. Our customer’s happiness is a vital part of our organization because we understand that a happy customer is a satisfied customer! We’d like you to meet some of the GrandView Pharmacy team…


Mit Patel, Consultant Pharmacist

Credentials:  PharmD BCGP

Education:  Butler University ’14
Professional Experiences:  CVS Retail 1 year, GrandView 3 years

A quote I like to live by is, “Treat everyone with love and respect. Do or do not. There is no try!”

My passion comes from my wife and I’s experiences with our patients… we sometimes find ourselves having more things in common with the elderly than with people our own age.

I enjoy my job because it doesn’t matter if I am in Fort Wayne, Brownsburg or off-site; Everyone is friendly and helpful.

I enjoy cycling and I am going to pick up trail running soon.


Michael Eldridge, Consultant Pharmacist

Credentials:  PharmD,  Speaker at 2017 Fall Leading Age
Education:  Doctor of Pharmacy – Purdue University 2016

I live by this message… “To glorify God with the skills and opportunities He has given me.”

My grandfather was a community pharmacist for over 40 years. He developed strong relationships with many individuals that lasted the length of his career. The concept of dedicated service was best exemplified in the memories I have of him working at the pharmacy counter.

I love GrandView because they give me the opportunity to be an advocate for a patient population often unable to speak for itself.

I love to sing.


Alissa Hewitt, Packaging Pharmacy Technician

Credentials:  State Licensed Pharmacy Technician
Education:  I graduated from Wawasee High school in 1996 and received my A.S. degree in Biology from Vincennes University in 1999.
I started as a retail pharmacy technician in 2000 while I lived in Indianapolis, attending university. I have worked for a few retail pharmacies over the years, where I specialized in data entry and insurance and secondary billing.

A quote I live by is, “To do the best for my patients that I can every day!”

I was partially raised by my Grandparents as my mother suffered from a genetic skin condition that I  was born with also. I understand how it is to be dependent on others around you when you are are ill or physically fragile.

My grandfather spent the past few years in a nursing facility with Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy and CHF. He passed this previous November as a result of an accident because of his Parkinson’s and that was when I decided to change to work in Long-Term Care. He is my Northstar.

I love the people that I work with. We have a fun atmosphere and great leadership.

My furbabies are my loves. I have a boxer named Olliver who LOVES tennis balls! A maincoon mix named BK (Big Kitty) who gives lots of head boops and has a heart shaped nose. A turkish angora mix named Charmin, because he is all white and fluffy and a little teeny weenie tortoise shell kitty named Luna that rules the roost over all the bigger boys!


Alaura Hope Barnhart, Pharmacy Technician

Credentials:  CPhT certified

Professional Experiences: 10 years working in Kroger retail pharmacy before coming to GrandView

My purpose is to do the best possible job and to help every patient that calls in to the best of my ability.

I enjoy working at GrandView because we have the hardest working and the friendliest technicians I’ve ever worked with.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games.


Ashley Fezi, Pharmacy Technician

Credentials: Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science

Professional Experience:  Pharmacy Technician with Walgreens for 6 years and almost 2 years with Omnicare, including my time at GrandView.

I enjoy my job because it helps to give my life a better perspective and appreciate what is most important in life. Also, working with the elderly gives me the opportunity to really make a difference in someone’s life.

I enjoy working with my hard working co-workers who are always willing to help each other out when needed. We make a good team.

I enjoy reading and spending time with my dog.


Laura Silvers, Assistant Operations Lead

Education:  Pharmacy Technician, Leo High School

Professional Experience:  I was promoted from pharmacy tech to lead.

I think it is very important that all of our patients get the best quality care that we can provide.

It is very important to me that our patients get taken care of because I would want the same care for my own grandparents and other elderly loved ones.

I love working at GrandView because I work with a wonderful group of people.

My favorite pastime is binge watching my favorite tv shows.


Jenevra Conrad, Pharmacy Tech

Education:  Indiana State Tech license, High School graduate, some college

Professional Experience:  Pharmacy Tech at Meijer for 14 years, at GrandView for 5 years

My personal purpose outside of work is to care for my family, my personal purpose at work is to do the EDK’s (Emergency Drug Kits). I have watched many of “young” patients grow older, and I have helped them in both times of their lives.

I enjoy working at GrandView because I like the people that I work with and I enjoy the job that I do. I feel like I belong here.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my family.