We’re proud of our employees and here’s why. Have You Met…

Customer service is important to our organization because it is the primary source of communication with our clients. Our customer’s happiness is a vital part of our organization because we understand that a happy customer is a satisfied customer! We’d like you to meet some of the GrandView Pharmacy team…


Jarrod Bush, Lead Claims Specialist

Education: Bachelors Degree
Professional Experiences:  17 years of being a Pharmacy Tech

My professional purpose is to help people.

I not only enjoy helping the elderly but I love being in a position to help all people. That is one of the most rewarding parts of working in pharmacy.

I really enjoy the people that work here. They are a pleasure to be around and make working here a joy. There is a great sense of teamwork here and that makes the job go by a lot smoother.

I enjoy spending time with my family more than anything. Aside from that, I really enjoy music.


Lori Aviles, Claims Specialist

Education:  Pharmacy Technician License, Some college
Professional Experience:  Retail, Mail Order, and Long-term Care

My personal purpose is to make the lives of others better as the best that I can.

My passion for working with the elderly came from my grandparents.

I enjoy working at GrandView because of the great people who I work with.

In my spare time, I enjoy tennis.


Cynthia Greenwell, Claims Specialist

Education: Pharmacy Technician, 1982 High school graduate
Professional Experience:  Horticultural, Nursery Licensed, Pharmacy Technician

My personal purpose is to make each moment in my life count.

I enjoy working with the elderly because they are my favorite and they have lots of history behind them.

In my spare time I enjoy horticulture and the piano.