We’re proud of our employees and here’s why. Have You Met…

Customer service is important to our organization because it is the primary source of communication with our clients. Our customer’s happiness is a vital part of our organization because we understand that a happy customer is a satisfied customer! We’d like you to meet some of the GrandView Pharmacy team…


Nora Hundley, Billing Specialist Lead

Credentials: Nationally Certified Pharmacy Tech; Indiana Licensed Tech
Education: Franklin County High School Graduate

Professional Experience: GrandView Pharmacy (22 years in August)

My personal purpose is to raise my boys to love and honor God and always be respectful. My passion for the elderly came from the thought of someone needing help with their medication and no one being there to help. I enjoy working at GrandView Pharmacy because I have great co-workers.

Volleyball used to be my hobby, but now my knees don’t agree (haha). My family is my interest and hobby.


Aretha Burris, Billing Specialist/Pharmacy Tech

Education: Some College
Professional Experiences: 6 Years as CNA, 5 Years at Anthem BCBS, 5 Years at GrandView

I came to GrandView from working in nursing homes where I worked directly with the elderly.

I enjoy movies, coloring books and music.


Kimberli Barber, Billing Specialist

Credentials: Pharmacy Technician, Inspector for Voting Poles, Medical/Dental Administrator
Education: North Central High School, Kaplan College

Professional Experience:  GrandView Pharmacy (4 years in October), Omnicare, Daily Med, Well fount, Safe Dose Pharmacy, Aerotech, Office Team, Methodist Hospital under Dr. Graves in Cardiology.

My personal purpose is to help others who go through struggles in life that I too have experienced and came out stronger. My passion for the elderly came from helping with my Grandma while she was going through her cancer, makes me want to help make others last days better, and this job allows me to do that. I enjoy working at Grandview because It is very family oriented and strives to keep our patient’s happy.

I love to cook and decorate homes. I also love hanging out with my family.