AUGUST 2016 – GrandView Pharmacy was founded as Elliot and Hood Drug Company in Connersville, Indiana. In 1960, due to the proximity of the pharmacy’ s location to the Grandview School District, the owners appropriately renamed the pharmacy to become GrandView Pharmacy. Through the years, the single neighborhood pharmacy grew to four east central Indiana retail locations. These facilities offered many traditional pharmacy services and diverse retail products.

In 2005, GrandView Pharmacy took another large step toward becoming a superior Indiana pharmacy provider by expanding its long term care division. At one time, the long term care division of GrandView was operated from a small office behind the retail pharmacy. However, in 2005 GrandView an investment was made to build a facility in Brownsburg, Indiana. With much growth in the LTC division, a second LTC pharmacy was added in 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Each long term care pharmacy allows GrandView to have strategic locations to conveniently and efficiently serve Indiana and bordering states.

In 2015, GrandView consolidated operations focusing solely on long term care, rebranded as GrandView Health Services, and moved the headquarters into a new modern facility. Consolidating various companies under one roof allowed for expanded operations, and improved overall efficiencies. This new location also provided the additional space needed to open a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy, which will increase the capacity to serve the aging community population, and those searching for custom medication solutions.

“The new compounding pharmacy allows us to make medication that are personalized for an individual patient’ s need. With the ability to produce compounded medications, our pharmacists are able to help a wide variety of patients whose needs are not currently being addressed by your traditional oral or topical medications,” said Glenn Eldridge, RPh, and Chief Operating Officer for GrandView Pharmacy.

The new facility also houses the entire medical equipment operation, which includes an expansive medical equipment inventory along with oxygen, and respiratory care equipment. Jared McCullough, VP of Medical Equipment, said “A centralized location along with increased inventory capacity allows GrandView to reduce costs for the senior care community through streamlined order processing and delivery systems.”

GrandView strives to remain a leader in the pharmacy industry through progressive leadership, innovative technology, expansion philosophy and expert staffing. We will hold steady to never forget our neighborhood pharmacy roots and the expectation of great personal service that comes from an independent, family-owned pharmacy partner.

Why do senior care communities choose GrandView Pharmacy?

Improved Medication Outcomes
• We’ve developed a comprehensive drug formulary and healthy living protocols specifically designed for seniors.

Decrease Pharmacy Related Errors
• Our quality assurance and technology based solutions enhance patient care and improve nursing efficiencies.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions
• Our turn key transition of care program for post acute care is designed to reduce readmissions and keep you compliant.

Reduce Pharmacy Related Expenses
• GrandAdvantageTM helps manage costs and reduce financial liability.

Customer Service
• A dedicated account team resolves any problems quickly and ensures customer satisfaction.

We enjoy the opportunity to genuinely improve the quality, and quantity, of life of the seniors in our communities. It is also really rewarding to speak to the facility staff who have struggled with other providers and see their gratitude to work with someone who has extremely solid operational processes to ensure they have what they need to be successful. Also, the relationship we enjoy with our partner communities and residents are why we continue to improve our processes and outcomes continuously.

“In our opinion,” said Mark Prifogle, CEO, “the pharmacy industry is heading toward a value-based dispensing and cognitive services business. The dispensing element of pharmacy, which has driven our industry for the foreseeable past, will give way to evidence-based, outcomes-generated payment models where the dispensing is secondary to the clinical oversight and interventions of the pharmacotherapy specialist. We are talking about more than MTM, but a co-professional to physicians where the physician, or other prescriber, is responsible for diagnostics and the pharmacist selects the treatment modality and oversees the outcomes and adjusts, as necessary, based on observations and test results of the patients they are responsible for caring for.”

Population health management will be the primary shift in the regulatory and payer environments over the next five years. Home and community-based services, especially in light of site-neutral payment structures promised by 2023, will be where the growth in this industry will largely reside. Pharmacies that can push out beyond their four walls and be an engaged health practitioner in “the field”, will see huge growth opportunities.

As for our advice, be ready to prove yourself – meaning, know your data and how it relates to the rest of the health care ecosystem. It’ s more than just your EQUIPP scores, but collecting, aggregating and presenting how YOUR approaches improve health and financial outcomes, should be part of your business plan. Most pharmacists think about “how to get more ‘ scripts’”, especially in a startup, and while this is necessary to keep the lights on, for now, understand this is something that will be changing dramatically over the next 8 years.

About GrandView Health Services

GrandView Health Services is an independent pharmacy provider for long-term care, and elder residential communities. We have built our business on a culture focused on evidence-based practices, resident centered education, outstanding staff, and structured systems. However, our philosophy is that we can always improve, and that ongoing pursuit for perfection helps us to create better systems. We strive to be the best, provide superior service to our customers, and produce positive resident outcomes.

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