January 2016 – GrandView Nomination Letter

Dear Member of the Awards Committee,

It is my pleasure to nominate GrandView Pharmacy for the Business Partner Award. They are an independent pharmacy provider for long-term care, and senior residential communities. They combine expertise, evidence-based practices, resident centered education and superior service to improve the success and lives of their partners and residents.

Senior care communities choose GrandView Pharmacy because they decrease pharmacy related errors, have unmatched customer service processes, and have multiple ways of reducing pharmacy related expenses. GrandView Pharmacy provides clients with comprehensive tools for superior execution and delivery of pharmacy services to each resident they serve. Their quality assurance programs also ensure that their customers stay compliant with state and federal regulations. Their IMPACT™ (Integrated Management for Post Acute Care Transitions) is designed to reduce hospital readmissions.

Their GrandAdvantage™ program is a core service that is implemented from day one so that facility and residents can maximize cost containment. It is a comprehensive, multifaceted strategy used to reduce overall resident and facility costs.

This vendor’s support for ACHCA comes from the top down. Their CEO, Mark, a licensed nursing home administrator, has been an active member since he was an AIT. His support for this profession is strong enough that he convinced his wife, an acute-care trained health administrator, to become not only a licensed nursing home administrator, but an active member and supporter of The College. He also helped resurrect another ACHCA Chapter, in the District, to a top performing Chapter in the country. He has served as Chapter President for Indiana for 3 years and is currently on the ballot for a National ACHCA Board member At-Large seat.

GrandView supports ACHCA Chapters in Indiana and Ohio through a variety of sponsorships and participation in events and is a National Business Affiliate. Their COO and Director of Business Development are also members of the College and are active in the chapters’ activities.

In 2015, GrandView sponsored the following Ohio Events:

• The Annual Marblehead Event – Other than their routine attendance and sponsorship, the GV CEO has fished in the event for the last several years. This past year, despite very choppy waters and his sea-sickness, he participated. While he was unconscious for most of the day due to Dramamine (thanks Joan Reidy!), everyone had a good time at his expense, including posing him for photos like “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Photos are available, upon request, from Stephanie Antoun; a good time was had by all. GrandView provided hours of evening entertainment through a networking event at the Pub with a local karaoke MC. This was the first time karaoke was introduced at this event and it was a big success.

• Dayton Dragons Game – The CEO and Director of Business Development have participated in this activity for several years.

• Phil McConnell Fish Fry – The CEO and Director of Business Development have participated in this event for several years and have sponsored auction items for the fundraiser. Their contribution raised > $300 this past auction for the scholarship.

• District 3 Conference – GV has been a major sponsor and participant in the District 3 conference for 5 of the 7 years it has existed. The company sends representatives to attend, exhibit and network with the attendees. Their sponsorships have included the wine and cheese event, champagne toast for award winners and speakers.

• This vendor supports me, as a member and Chapter President, by providing more than just money – the individuals that represent this company have genuine enthusiasm for the College and the work we do. Additionally, their enthusiasm is contagious. While the goal of many vendors is to leverage a trade association or professional society for exposure and gain as much business as possible, GrandView is more interested in helping make administrators better through their actions and support. If the business comes, then great. If it doesn’t, that’s fine, too.

They also supported these events within the district:

• 2 Dinner Discussion Series – an evening event for administrators featuring dinner at a high-end steakhouse for members and non-members with 1 hour of CE provided (GV is a registered provider of NHA/HFA continuing education).

• 2 Lean Six Sigma Intensive programs – 24 hour CE program where member and non-member administrators were trained to the Yellow Belt level in Lean Six Sigma by a nationally recognized speaker. This program was picked up by National and presented at the 2015 Winter Marketplace for a national administrator audience.

In addition to the programming and solutions GrandView provides, they made a commitment several years ago to create a geriatric research not-for-profit to channel and compile all the best practices their clinicians see, in their 70+ communities, to be shared with everyone. The Rhonda Eldridge Center for Healthy Aging performs research projects focused on improving the lives of our senior population. We strive to positively influence, develop evidence-based best practices and achieve better quality of life for our senior community. This research is then meaningful distributed to be applied in the nursing home and residential settings to improve outcomes for our seniors.

Given all these factors, I thank you so much for your serious consideration for GrandView Pharmacy as the 2015 Business Partner Award Recipient.

Jennifer Tollefson
ACHCA, Ohio Chapter President