August 11, 2017 – GrandView Pharmacy, an institutional pharmacy specializing in pharmacy services for nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living communities and independent living communities announced a partnership with HPS, a Michigan based Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) assisting senior living communities throughout the United States with contract pricing for goods and services. The collaboration will help the Indiana based pharmacy accelerate its consistent growth throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.  The partnership also allows for expedited growth in nearby states such as Michigan, Illinois and Kentucky.

Over the last six years GrandView Pharmacy has had consistent growth within the senior living community market place. The pharmacy currently provides services to 87 communities scattered throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. GrandView Pharmacy has placed great emphasis on customer experience, technology offerings, results driven clinical programs and internal quality improvement programs. The company has a 98% customer satisfaction rating, which can be contributed to a 99.27% fulfillment rate of prescriptions received and a packaging error rate less than .00014%.

Through this collaboration with GrandView Pharmacy, HPS is positioned to offer its members an experienced pharmacy that can provide solutions that are proven to produce positive patient outcomes for the residents they care for. The HPS and GrandView Pharmacy partnership also gives HPS’s members guaranteed pharmacy contract pricing, which elevates the contract negotiations, and provides discounts that may have otherwise been missed by members when working with other pharmacy providers.

“This new relationship with GrandView Pharmacy brings tremendous value to our members.  We are very excited about GrandView’s award winning clinical programs helping our members to do what they do best, and a pricing structure that will have a positive impact on our members’ bottom lines, which in turn will help so many people in the communities they serve,” said Benjamin Long Contract Portfolio Analyst with HPS.

The move to partner with HPS will allow GrandView Pharmacy to catch more market share in states that the company may not have had much exposure, and will allow HPS members to have access to one of the most complete pharmacy providers in the industry. The members will have provider that offers onsite dispensing technology, traditional delivery and fulfillment systems, industry leading electronic health records integration, turnkey clinical protocols driven by pharmacists, multiple packaging options and marketing support programs.

About GrandView Pharmacy

GrandView Pharmacy is an independent, family owned pharmacy that was established in 1924. We got our start as a local neighborhood pharmacy, but in 1995 expanded our operations, and put a greater emphasis on serving senior living communities for all care levels.

The company’s sole focus is now on servicing the senior care market. GrandView’s original business model has changed; but it still maintains the personal touch and quality customer service of a neighborhood pharmacy.

The company’s pharmacies are strategically located to provide superior pharmacy services to senior care communities primarily throughout Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. GrandView pharmacy offers nationally recognized consultant pharmacists, onsite dispensing options, universal EMR/EHR solutions, web based communication tools, innovative cost containment programs and industry leading clinical programs.

GrandView has three Distribution Locations, which currently service 87 communities caring for the elder population.  Those communities are a mixture of Continuing Care Communities (Lifespan Communities), Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living and Independent Living.

The pharmacy’s primary market is Not-For-Profit, Religious-Affiliated Continuing care communities; less than 10% of the company’s clients fall outside of this category. The pharmacy has had steady growth over the last ten years, and it currently provides pharmacy services for over 11,000 seniors daily, which makes GrandView one of the largest privately owned pharmacies in the Midwestern states.

About HPS

HPS was founded in 1949 by the Southwestern Michigan District Hospital Council, with the assistance of a grant from the Kellogg Foundation. At that time, HPS was a surgical supplier to its Member hospitals, and the “HPS” stood for “Hospital Purchasing Service.”

In 1971, the company’s emphasis broadened to include more than just surgical supplies. From this point, the company continued to expand its offerings to what it has today, which includes essentially everything an organization needs to operate.

Since 1997, HPS has partnered with a national GPO for the benefit of an expanded contract portfolio and national contracting tiers and pricing for our Members, specifically in the pharmacy, medical-surgical and laboratory categories. Beginning in 2017, our national partner is ROi.

HPS negotiates the best prices possible with vendors or manufacturers for essentially every type of product our Members would need—from copier paper to food to equipment to cleaning supplies and everything in between and beyond. No matter what your organization needs to buy, we likely have a contract that includes it.

Because of the volume of products HPS Members purchase, the vendor partners the organization can provide significantly reduced pricing on those products. Because of this great pricing, HPS can attract even more Members. And more Members, naturally, lead to even greater purchasing volume, allowing us to continue negotiating even stronger contracts.

HPS Members, by buying what they need to operate their organizations through GPO contracts, save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars each year. And through special rebate programs with many of the vendor partners, the member’s savings can grow well beyond that.

By using HPS contracts, members’ free up money they can use to better fulfill their missions, which ultimately has a positive impact on their communities in many ways.