The new GrandView Pharmacy building, located in Brownsburg, consolidates various companies under one roof allowing for expanded operations, and improved overall efficiencies. This new location also provides the additional space needed to open a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy, which will increase the capacity to serve the aging community population, and those searching for custom medication solutions.

“The new compounding pharmacy allows us to make medication that are personalized for an individual patient’s need. With the ability to produce compounded medications, our pharmacists are able to help a wide variety of patients whose needs are not currently being addressed by your traditional oral or topical medications,” said Glenn Eldridge, RPh, and Chief Operating Officer for GrandView Pharmacy.

The new facility also houses the entire medical equipment operation, which includes an expansive medical equipment inventory along with oxygen, and respiratory care equipment. Jared McCullough, VP of Medical Equipment, said “A centralized location along with increased inventory capacity allows GrandView to reduce costs for the senior care community through streamlined order processing and delivery systems.”

To celebrate the improved efficiencies and new location, GrandView hosted an Open House event following the LeadingAge Indiana Annual Fall Conference on October 5, 2015 for the health care industry and local government officials. The event featured building tours and medical equipment demonstrations.