We’re proud of our employees. Along with working hard each day, they remain active in the community! Our employees enjoy contributing to their communities by working with local charities, schools, churches, team sports and more!

“I enjoy spending my free time with family. We enjoy going to State and National parks whenever we can. I also coach my son’s soccer teams. I volunteer at a Gennesaret medical clinic and our kids school functions whenever I can as well.” – Jared Baker, Pharmacist

“While volunteering at a local nursing home during school, I really enjoyed conversations and the activities I had with the residents which led me to find passion in serving them in any way.” – Amber Han, Pharmacist

“From a young age, I have had a passion to help the elderly. My grandma volunteered at a nursing home and she would take my brother and I with her when we were kids. I continued volunteering the elderly throughout high school and college.” – Mary Keefer, Pharmacist