We’re proud of our employees and here’s why. Have You Met…

Customer service is important to our organization because it is the primary source of communication with our clients. Our customer’s happiness is a vital part of our organization because we understand that a happy customer is a satisfied customer! We’d like you to meet some of the GrandView Pharmacy team…


Joyce Belcher, Brownsburg Lead Driver/Manager of Day Routes

Joyce has worked for GrandView/CVS for 10 years. She has worked with hospice patients and the homeless at different facilities.

Her personal purpose is to accomplish the will of God in her life

Joyce’s passion for working with the elder came from her Grandma, who was a big influence in her life. Her grandma needed her family to come along side of her as she lived to be 94 years old. Joyce knows not everyone is blessed to have family, so if she can help them out, she is happy to do so!

Joyce really likes to drive and to know that she is helping people while doing what she likes to do makes it all worth while to her!

In her spare time, she enjoys Gospel singing and rescuing Schnauzers


Alex Nelson, Brownsburg Night Lead Driver

ITT Tech – Computer Aided Drafting

Alex has worked for five years as a delivery driver for another pharmacy. His personal purpose is to help people to the best of his ability in anyway he can.

To be honest, Alex never really thought about helping the elderly, until he became a delivery driver and seeing all the different nursing facilities. There are a few reasons that he enjoys what he does. He likes the people who he works with on a day to day basis. Also, he says the fact that he doesn’t have to drive a great distance for work and his schedule make his job a great fit for him.

In his spare time, Alex loves to read about automobiles, architecture and any thing mechanical. He also likes to work on cars, and motorcycles. But most of all, he likes to spend as much time with his family as he can.


Laura Laney, Fort Wayne Assistant Operations Lead

Laura previously worked for Dollar General, the Allen County Public Library, and IAB Financial. She has been working for GrandView for 2 and 1/2 years and has been in the lead position for almost a year and a half.

Laura says she feels her purpose is to care for others. She likes being able to do it by providing medications to the elderly, and taking care of her team. She has always had a passion to help those who need it, but says she didn’t realize her passion specific to this field until she began working here.

Laura loves working for GrandView and says we have a wonderful team of people here that she enjoys working with everyday.

She enjoys watching TV and movies. Right now her favorites are the Masked Singer and 90’s disney shows.




Joel Wood, Fort Wayne Lead Driver Supervisor

Joel graduated from North Side High School in 1969. His previous professional experience was in the Auto Industry for 35 years! He watched over auto sales and personnel management.

Joel married a nurse and has always been interested in the healthcare field. After retiring from the automotive industry, he felt a calling to help the elderly and GrandView offered a way to do that.

He enjoys the personnel and the experience for working with everyone at GrandView. He says that by meeting the nursing staff at the facilities, it is a great way to represent the professional staff at GrandView.

Joel enjoys passing time by fishing and being outdoors with his grandchildren.