How do we decrease pharmacy related errors using technology?

GrandView Pharmacy understands that relevant technologies play a critical role in any partnership between a pharmacy and the healthcare facilities they serve. GrandView evaluates the appropriateness of each technology solution for each building that will accomplish the following:

  • Enhance patient care delivered
  • Improve nursing efficiencies
  • Provide a high return on investment
GrandView Pharmacy has had less than .00014% in medication errors when utilizing our comprehensive tools such as: eMAR, ePrescribing and Auto Cycle Fill. See more results from these programs.

From the Prescriber to the Resident — The Life of a Prescription

Things run differently in every pharmacy. This is a sampling of the steps the pharmacy team may take in order to ensure this process is efficient, affordable, safe and appropriate for you.

  1. Prescription Received
  2. Update Patient Profile
  3. Scan and Enter Prescription
  4. Pharmacist Review
  5. Submit Information for Payment
  6. Print Labels and Education
  7. Select Medication
  8. Medication is Collected
  9. Pharmacist Verifies
  10. Ready for Delivery!

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We offer easy access to our pharmacy through the latest technology.

eMAR Systems

More options to meet your unique needs: GrandView Pharmacy offers our customers multiple solutions when it comes to eMAR technology. Our Pharmacy Management System Software FrameworkLTC interfaces with multiple eMAR providers.

GrandView Pharmacy maintains being responsive to change and progressive in our adaptability-thus giving our clients more options that meet their unique needs.

“The great thing about our pharmacy is our flexibility and adaptability. We are able to adapt and change our systems to the unique needs of our clients more quickly and with greater ease.” Click here to read more testimonials.

Glenn Eldridge

Director of Clinical Services, GrandView Pharmacy

While we can work with almost any system, the FrameworkLTC preferred e-MAR listing is as follows:

  • Accu-flo
  • AHT eMAR by American Health Technologies
  • AOD: Answers On Demand
  • CaraSolva
  • MDI Achieve – MatrixCare
  • MedTimes by MTS Systems
  • oneMAR by Parata
  • PointClickCare
  • QuickMAR
  • SigmaCare

GrandView Pharmacy is committed to providing our clients with easy and convenient eMAR interfacing and pharmacy management solutions.

PointClickCare: GrandView Pharmacy is one of the only Indiana Pharmacies participating in the PointClickCare Pharmacy Exchange Program.

As a Pharmacy Exchange Partner, we can elect to participate in various program options, such as advanced training or sharing some of the integration costs with providers to lessen the financial burden on you.

Pharmacy Exchange Partners offer a variety of benefits, such as enhanced services, special software discounts, and/or various training options, in addition to the certified interface to PointClickCare’s Integrated Medication Management solution.

Click here to see how PointClickCare is working in other communities.
Click here for more information on PointClickCare’s ONC certified software solutions.


ePRx: GrandView Pharmacy’s electronic prior authorization platform is secure and HIPAA-compliant. The software we use automates Prior Authorization (PA), which saves pharmacists, prescribers and their staff valuable time. This automated system helps to ensure patients receive the medication they need timely.

Our Electronic Prior Authorization program improves the PA process in three key ways:

  • It eliminates paperwork because we transmit the PA request through a secure web based platform
  • Produces faster determinations through real-time approvals from insurance providers
  • Decreases time associated with filling paperwork, and making phone calls to various insurance plans.
Prescriber Connect: Allows healthcare providers to send prescriptions electronically to our pharmacy – Including Controlled Substances – Even Schedule IIs! Exchanging prescription information electronically between prescribers and pharmacies improves accuracy and saves time.

This technology improves safety as there is no handwriting for the pharmacist to interpret, meaning there is less potential for errors. It also reduces the number of calls from the pharmacy for clarification on illegible handwriting or cut off orders.

Prescriber Connect also increases efficiency by reducing the amount of time committed to handling faxes and confirmation. This dramatically decreases the time involved in the ordering, processing and delivery of controlled substances.

Metabolic Validation

Reduce unnecessary medications: GrandView Pharmacy, long known as the leader in cutting-edge clinical pharmacy programming, has partnered with AEON Clinical Laboratories to provide pharmacogenomic testing and expert interpretation – leading to better therapeutic recommendations and customized resident medication profiles.

Metabolic Validation can help reduce unnecessary medications and the risk for adverse drug reactions (ADR). From a simple cheek swab, a healthcare provider can see which medications your body is able to metabolize, eliminating the costly and dangerous trial and error process.

The ultimate goal of Metabolic Validation is to:

  • Avoid adverse drug reactions
  • Maximize drug efficacy
  • Select responsive patients
  • Define individualized drug dose

What makes our approach different is the community’s consultant pharmacist, who is independently certified in pharmacogenomic analysis, interprets the test results and makes recommendations to the prescriber tailored to the resident’s individual genetic profile.

“I just wanted to say that when we first began this pharmacogenomics process, I was skeptical of the benefit we could take from it. Now, after having done about 50 of them for Lutheran, I am a huge fan. I absolutely LOVE this. This information is incredibly beneficial and may help identify areas that could be addressed with the simple change of a medication (i.e. pain that may be associated with using the wrong statin, uncontrolled pain by using the wrong opioid, uncontrolled depression/anxiety/behaviors by using the wrong psych meds, etc.) Thanks for having us do this. It is truly amazing!” Click here to read more testimonials.
Beth Bryant, PharmD

Consultant Pharmacist, GrandView Pharmacy

What is pharmacogenomics? Drug-gene testing is also called pharmacogenomics, or pharmacogenetics. All terms characterize the study of how your genes affect your body’s response to medications. The word “pharmacogenomics” is combined from the words pharmacology (the study of the uses and effects of medications) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions).

Click here to learn more about pharmacogenomics on the Mayo Clinic website.
Click here to learn more about AEON pharmacogenomics testing.

Onsite Dispensing

There are big benefits to Onsite Dispensing: Our pharmacy’s Remote Dispensing Units, designed specifically for long-term care, enable secure, automated medication dispensing on-site at long-term care facilities to deliver pharmacist-approved, on-demand medication 24/7.

  • Dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for medication passes
  • Eliminates the need to perform time-consuming narcotics counts
  • Works with existing information systems
  • Stores hundreds of different medications
  • Enables additional nursing time for patient safety issues
  • Provide inventory and dispensing information for down-to-the-dose accountability

*Additional fees apply for Onsite Dispensing.

FirstDose: GrandView Pharmacy, in partnership with Capsa Health Solutions, offers a new approach to the traditional emergency drug kit in senior living communities.

FirstDose delivers key improvements to common Starter / Stat Dose Systems with a modern cloud based software. FirstDose offers a safer, modern alternative to “tackle box” systems commonly used in senior living settings and can maintain organized medication inventory that can be arranged to community preference.

FirstDose mitigates the following challenges faced by nursing when an emergency dose of medication is needed:

  • Reduces time spent searching for the needed medication(s)
  • Reduces time spent filling out manual forms for inventory and billing purposes
  • Reduces erroneous billing to the “house account”, as each transaction is tied to the correct resident, every time
  • Reduces medication errors with barcode scanning technology to ensure the correct medication and dose is retrieved.

GrandRx Connect™

Instant connection in real-time: GrandRx Connect™ (GRXC) is GrandView’s web-based communication tool that allows facilities direct access to the GrandView pharmacy system. In short, GRXC is your direct connection between our pharmacy and your facility. A real-time operating system, GrandRx Connect™ improves speed and efficiency of communication and ordering, while eliminating billing confusion and decreases countless hours of phone calls, faxes and manual processes–thus saving you time and money.

  • Admit/discharge patients
  • Update patient profiles
  • Real-time new drug orders and tracking
  • Discontinue drug orders
  • Print medical records (Prints beautiful eMARS)
  • Send/receive free-form electronic messages
  • Immediate Cost Outs
  • Real-time reporting and customizable financial and clinical queries
  • View and print physician orders
  • HIPAA compliance and full security of documents

We have delivery and fulfillment systems to ensure quick, compliant, and accurate service.

Auto Cycle Fill

Automatic refills: Hands down, Auto Cycle Fill saves your nursing staff time and the facility money. Next, our competitively priced cycle fill is one of our most popular service offerings that our clients enjoy.
Onsite technicians: Our Certified Pharmacy Technicians are onsite to change out medications and conduct inspection audits while automatically refilling prescriptions every 28 days.
Saves valuable time: This significantly cuts the time that nurses spend at the fax machine for refills and the time spent in the evenings checking-in nightly delivery medications. Our technicians also conduct Med Cart and Med Room inspections and auditing and reporting on items such as expired medications, storage, compliance and controlled substances.

Automatic Cycle Fill:

  • Saves 6 nursing hours a day
  • Saves an average of $150 a day
  • Saves nearly $55,000 a year
“GrandView’s Cycle Fill take a huge time burden off the nurses and allows more time for resident care-which I really appreciate. Knowing that the medications will be there each month (on a specific day!) gives me peace of mind and allows us time to prepare.” Click here to read more testimonials. 
Patty Sees


Specialized Packaging

Non-compliant patients often exacerbate their condition. Difficulty of the regimen was cited as a main reason that patients are non-compliant. Patients are often confused about when and how to take their medication and which pills to take. This results in patients taking their medication incorrectly or forgetting to take it at all.
Sobering statistics on medication:

  • The number one problem in treating illness today is patients’ failure to take prescription medications correctly, regardless of patient age
  • 10% of all hospital admissions are the result of patients’ failure to take prescriptions medications correctly
  • 23% of all nursing home admissions are due to patients failing to take prescription medications accurately
  • At any given time, up to 59% of those on five or more medications are taking them improperly
  • Approximately two-thirds of all patients fail to take any or all of their prescription medicines
Increase compliance with flexible packaging options:

  • Easy to remember to take the correct medication at the right time
  • All pills (even vitamins) for one administration time can be packed in one package
  • Medications can be organized by date and time for a 30 day supply
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome daily reminder boxes
  • Makes taking medication on-the-go easy
  • Easy-to-read labels, easy-to-open package
  • Helps elderly patients manage their own health conditions
Accomodate unique senior care needs: GrandView has multiple packaging options to accommodate the unique needs of the long term resident as well as independent and assisted living.

Easy to read labels, bar code scanning and optimal convenience make our packaging options fit every need for licensed and unlicensed facilities.

  • Vials
  • Punch Card/Bubble Pack Options
  • Unit Dose
  • Multi Dose
  • Pill Boxes

Reliable Delivery

Options that cover all your needs: You can count on GrandView for timely and accurate deliveries of medications. We pride ourselves on getting you the medications you need when you need them. We have onsite Drug Kits available so that your residents do not go without medications. We also offer STAT deliveries for the times when medications are not available in your onsite Drug Kit, and when your resident needs a medication before your communities scheduled delivery.

  • Scheduled deliveries six days a week
  • Friendly, in-house delivery staff
  • Safety precautions for discrete and secure delivery
  • Onsite Drug Kits
  • STAT deliveries available

We have systems that keep you compliant.

Quality Assurance

Industry leading auditing program: Our goal is always to provide the best product and service while exceeding standards and expectations. Quality Assurance is at the heart of this goal. GrandView’s quality assurance program encompasses:

  • Safety
  • Accuracy
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Clinical Compliance
  • Communication
  • Trending Analysis
  • Quarterly Financial & Operational Reports
  • Technician Certification
  • Paperless Pharmacy
Unsurpassed quality control: Our quality control team is dedicated to resolving issues and improving service to our clients. From maintaining policy and procedures to addressing individual client needs, our team is focused on making sure that GrandView Pharmacy is at its best for you.
Department audits: Regular auditing of every department at GrandView Pharmacy ensures that we are operating at the highest level. Audits are conducted on the following departments:

  • Billing Department
  • Internal Pharmacy Operations
  • Triage Department
  • Data and Medical Record Department
  • Packaging & Filling Department
  • Delivery and Service Department
“Thank you to all of the pharmacists who complete my Medication Regimen Review Requests. I am pleased that I receive them the very same day! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these.” Click here to read more testimonials. 
Susan Bruck

RN, DON, Hamilton Grove

7-Point Accuracy

TrackPoint bar code technology: Our experienced pharmacy works as a synergistic cohesive system. From intake to delivery, GrandView Pharmacy conducts quality, safety, and proper dosing and review checkpoints. With our TrackPoint Bar Code Technology every prescription and over-the-counter drugs are scanned at all check points, including three times for accuracy followed by a pharmacist for the final review.

Medication Management and Reminder Systems

Medication Management: An easy-to-use, progressive reminder system for individuals to better manage their medications. A medication management system ensures individuals take the correct medication at the right time to ensure the safety of the patient.

  • Helps seniors manage all their prescription and OTC medications and supplements
  • Helps increase patient experiences and satisfaction scores
  • Aids in reducing hospital readmissions and other avoidable medical expenses
  • 24×7 monitoring and personalized call support
  • 3G technology: no WiFi or cellular plan required

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