Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service is important to our organization because it is the primary source of communication with our clients. Our customer’s happiness is a vital part of our organization because we understand that a happy customer is a satisfied customer!

We also are aware that we provide multiple services to our customers, which means that our company is also a vital part their lives and their vitality. GrandView’s number one goal is to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Because of our dedicated team, GrandView Pharmacy had a 95% satisfaction rate overall for 2017 on our Post-Pharmacy Transition Survey. See more results here.

How the “Team Approach” is good customer service.

Dedicated Account Team

Each customer: All GrandView Pharmacy customers are assigned a Customer Relations Associate, Consultant Pharmacist, Cycle Fill Technician, Medication Cart Auditor, Medication Room Auditor, and Billing Specialist. These individuals work hand-in-hand with administration and nursing staff to ensure that your residents and your staff get the best possible pharmacy experience.

Customer Relations Associate

Resolve problems quickly: Our Customer Relations Associate works directly with our customer’s staff and the individual community’s residents in order to ensure they have a positive pharmacy experience. Our associates also work to resolve any problems as quickly and painlessly as possible if issues arise.

Visit your community: The Customer Relations Associates are visiting your community consistently so that you have face-to-face interaction with them. They are also available via phone and email 365 days a year in order to provide you exceptional customer services.

Trained and qualified: All Customer Relations Associates go through a specific interview process, which qualifies them to be a Customer Relations Associate. These individuals have also achieved a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university and they have proven leadership experience. Our Customer Relations Associates also go through the necessary training program to become a licensed pharmacy technician.

Selected for their passion: Our Customer Relations Associates have been selected because they have a high affinity for the “elder” community, respect for the health care industry, and admiration for the leaders that service the “elder” adults of the world.

Consultant Pharmacist

Certified geriatric pharmacists: Our Consultant Pharmacist have years of experience in servicing senior care communities and most are certified geriatric pharmacists, which makes them experts in servicing older adults. Our elder adults typically have a more complex regimen of medications, therefore, require an individual that is specialized in handling their needs. Our consultant pharmacists are the specialist older adults need.

Medication reduction techniques: We understand that medications can be costly. Our pharmacists help reduce the amount of medications your residents are on and we find cheaper alternatives that are the therapeutic equivalent. Not only does this help reduce your community bill for Medicare A residents, but it also helps provide a superior level of customer service for all of your residents that they will not experience from other pharmacies.

Clinical Team

Welcome to the family: At GrandView Pharmacy we preach, breathe and live family. We understand that business is not business when it comes to caring for human lives. When you become a customer of GrandView Pharmacy you and your residents immediately become part of the family. Our Clinical Team will work hard to make sure you maximize your budget, care for your residents, and increase the efficiency of your staff.

Compliant and cost effective: Our Cycle Fill Technicians and Consultant Pharmacist Assistants work hand-in-hand with your healthcare professionals, your GrandView Consultant Pharmacist, GrandView’s billing staff and GrandView’s Staff-Pharmacist in order to provide patient care that is compliant and cost effective.

Auditing and educational programs: The Cycle Fill Technicians, Consultant Pharmacists Assistants, Staff-Registered Nurse and Consultant Pharmacist work together in order to ensure your community is compliant with state and federal regulations. GrandView Pharmacy provides med cart audits, med room audits, med pass shadowing and comprehensive-educational programs. Our certified experts keep your staff educated and certified on multiple levels. We provide pharmacy related education programs, regulator updates, and various healthcare certification classes.

Eliminate waste and save money: Our Technicians fill medication carts and treatment carts upon cycle fill delivery. When cycle fill is delivered we audit the carts and review several critical pharmacy elements that impact resident care and cost containment. Because we fill your carts upon deliver we save your nursing staff the time spent dealing with med carts and treatment carts. This process also allows our technicians to identify items that can be returned for credit, discover non-covered items that need reviewed and ensure all needed medications are on site.

“GrandView Pharmacy continues to be accommodating in our relentless requests for change. We believe our corporate goals are similar in that personalized customer service is the key. GrandView has customized their services to meet our “perfectionist mentality” at Renaissance Village. If you are considering in changing pharmacy services, GrandView Pharmacy should be seriously considered.” Click here to read more testimonials.

Deb Mills

Administrator, Renaissance Village

Billing Department

Maximize your budget: As a business partner, we understand that cost containment is very important. With the ever changing health care insurance policies and lower reimbursement rates, it is essential that your pharmacy help you maximize your budget. With GrandView Pharmacy, you get a full-time Billing Department with staff members that have years of experience dealing with insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid.

Save time: Our Billing Specialists work with your residents on billing questions and concerns. We will work directly with residents insurance companies to insure that items are getting covered appropriately. We proactively work with you and your staff to reduce the number of Non-Covered Items and provide alternatives to high cost drugs. Working on these items up front saves your staff time in the long run.

Save money: Nursing home residents on Medicare A stays can have complex medication regimens. GrandView’s staff help eliminate the strain of deciding what situation makes the best financial sense for your community. We offer a cost analysis that identifies the cost of the medication residents are taking then our Pharmacists search for therapeutic alternatives to replace high cost drugs. This process results in a lower cost for you and potentially your resident.

How personalization is a good customer service.

Personalized Pharmacy Services

We tailor pharmacy programs to your specific needs.

Choose packaging: GrandView has multiple packaging options to accommodate the unique needs of the long term resident as well as independent and assisted living.

Easy to read labels, bar code scanning and optimal convenience make our packaging options fit every need for licensed and unlicensed facilities.

  • Vials
  • Punch Card/Bubble Pack Options
  • Unit Dose
  • Multi Dose
  • Pill Boxes

Onsite dispensing: Our pharmacy’s Remote Dispensing Units, designed specifically for long-term care, enable secure, automated medication dispensing on-site at long-term care facilities to deliver pharmacist-approved, on-demand medication 24/7.

  • Dramatically reduces the time needed to prepare for medication passes
  • Eliminates the need to perform time-consuming narcotics counts
  • Works with existing information systems
  • Stores hundreds of different medicationss
  • Enables additional nursing time for patient safety issues
  • Provide inventory and dispensing information for down-to-the-dose accountability

*Additional fees apply for Onsite Dispensing.

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Deficiency free survey from the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy

In the spring of 2017, the GrandView Pharmacy locations in Brownsburg, IN and Fort Wayne, IN were awarded a deficiency free survey from the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy. We’re extremely proud of our team members who worked hard to accomplish this goal. Read more about it here.