Specialists in Senior Care

GrandView’s Consultant Pharmacist are the best in the industry. Our Consultant Pharmacist have years of experience in servicing senior care communities and most are certified geriatric pharmacists, which makes them experts in servicing older adults. Our elder adults typically have a more complex regimen of medications, therefore, require an individual that is specialized in handling their needs. Our consultant pharmacists are the specialist older adults need.

Why do we need consultant pharmacists?

High-Risk Patients

By the year 2030, there will be over 36 million older adults. Currently, older adults intake 1/3 of the prescription drugs in the United States. Our nation’s seniors are especially at risk for medication-related problems due to physiological changes of aging, an increase in medical conditions and chronic disease conditions and a greater consumption of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Senior Care Pharmacists (Certified Geriatric Pharmacists) are the experts in recognizing the unique health care needs of the senior population. They have specialized knowledge in geriatrics, geriatric pharmacotherapy, and the unique medicine-related needs. Dedicated to helping our seniors live healthier and longer lives, GrandView Pharmacy uses Certified Geriatric Pharmacists in our internal pharmacy and external pharmacy consultants.

Our Senior Care Pharmacists (Certified Geriatric Pharmacists) perform based on a comprehensive analysis above and beyond typical standards and a holistic approach to therapeutic intervention. By spending 40% more time on each resident’s chart than industry norm, GrandView pharmacists give a more complete and thorough review each and every time.

What are the benefits of working with our consultant pharmacists?

High Level of Quality and Compliance

Zero tolerance policy: Our Clinical team is dedicated to helping our customers improve quality and compliance through thorough drug regimen reviews, clinical activity reviews, F-Tag consultation and our various auditing programs. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to pharmacy related tags. GrandView Pharmacy customers took 0 F-Tags related to GrandView Pharmacy services in 2013!

40% Fewer Medications

Therapeutic recommendations: Our consultant pharmacists therapeutic recommendations have helped reduce the number of medications residents are on. On average our programs result in residents being on 40% fewer medications than the national average. And our fight against antipsychotic medication usage has resulted in a 26% reduction in the utilization of these types of medications in several of our customer’s communities. These reductions in antipsychotic medications exceeded the Federal initiative to decrease antipsychotics by 11%.

National Recognized Achievements

Unique clinical programs: The work of our Consultant Pharmacists has been recognized by Health Care Excel, the Indiana Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), and our Director of Clinical services was runner up for Patient Care Provider of The Year by Pharmacy Times. The clinical programs help in improving patient health, lower the communities cost related to mediations, and stay in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Certified Geriatric Certification

Continued education: GrandView’s Consultant Pharmacists come from a wide range of educational backgrounds, however, the majority of them study at nationally ranked universities. Our pharmacists didn’t stop there. Our Pharmacist took the initiative to get their certified geriatric certification. This certification is voluntary and requires the pharmacists to pass an advanced exam.

Community Involvement

Actively involved in the care of residents: Our consultant pharmacists live in or near the territories that they service. Therefore, they are involved in the local community and are also close to the senior care communities that they consultant. Our CP’s attend care plan meetings, Quality Assurance meetings and are actively involved in the care of your residents.

What do GrandView Pharmacy consulting services include?

Evidence-based Intervention

Residents Education: Evidence Based Practices are crucial to our mission for improving lives. Our Certified Geriatric Pharmacists are in the role of medication therapy management which is more than just dispensing medicine. It is crucial for a pharmacist to keep up with the latest industry evidence and guidelines.

Evidence Based Practices means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research. For pharmacists, “evidence” is data — what the drugs are, how they are used, how they interact with other drugs, and the latest best practice treatment recommendations for common and uncommon conditions.

GrandView reviews and benchmarks outcomes from national data regarding practices. We review meta-analysis, systematic reviews, random controlled clinical trials, cohort studies, case control studies, case series and editorials and expert opinions when reviewing evidence based practices and new drug information before implementing into any regimen. Our pharmacists are very active in national and local pharmacy associations as well as national speakers and representatives to many well-known pharmaceutical providers.

Therapeutic Substitution & Reduction

Residents Education: Medications are the 4th leading cause of death in the U.S. 106,000 deaths annually. Proper medication administration is the single most beneficial solution for improving ones’ quality of life. However, all too often people are placed under either too many or redundant medications that can lead to adverse effects and unnecessary costs.

Medication Reduction is a large focus at GrandView Pharmacy. We have an average of a 30% medication reduction by taking a closer look at a comprehensive profile of each resident we serve. Our Certified Geriatric Pharmacists work cohesively with your staff and hundreds of physicians to maintain medication communication and proper therapeutic intervention for health care and assisted living residents.

Education & Consulting

Monthly in-services: GrandView is dedicated to education by offering monthly in-services for staff by our nurse consultant and consulting pharmacists.

  • Chart & Med Pass Reviews
  • Med Pass Analysis
  • Cost Containment Analysis
  • Mock Surveys
  • Custom In-Services
  • Free Education Courses (GrandView is a HFA Approved Sponsor of education)
  • Professional Services (TB, Infustion, CPR, PICC & Mid-line Instruction, Wound Care & Dementia Training)
  • Physician Education
  • Immunization Clinics
  • Resident & Family/POA Education

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