Whether you’re in a community or a family in the home during this time, it’s a wonderful time to reconnect with each other! Here are some fun games and activity ideas to enjoy doing together as a family.

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“I never really cared about St. Patrick’s Day (not even wishing anyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day) until I got married. My husband’s family is part Irish, so somehow I inherited a need to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Like corned beef and hash, potato soup and all.

I’d never even considered having corned beef until after we got married and now it’s a St. Patrick’s Day tradition along with other fun St. Patrick’s Day activities like this St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt!

Since St. Patrick’s Day parties and actually celebrating seems to be here to stay, I decided to create some St. Patrick’s Day party games that are perfect for you to play at a party, with your family, or really anyone. They’d be great to do after something more quiet like St. Patrick’s Day bingo!”

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