Improving Quality of Life for Seniors

The Rhonda Eldridge Center for Healthy Aging performs research projects focused on improving the lives of our senior population. We strive to positively influence, develop evidence-based best practices and achieve better quality of life for our senior community.

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Research focused on improving the lives of the senior population.

Our Mission

By striving to honor God and each other in all we do, the Rhonda Eldridge Center for Healthy Aging aims to positively influence the senior care community by developing easy to implement, evidence-based best practices. With these scientifically proven methods, we believe our seniors will achieve better outcomes. With better outcomes comes a better quality of life. When a better quality of life is achieved, we believe the entire community benefits.

Current Research

Criteria for Optimized Senior Medication Outcomes (COSMO)

COSMO is a comprehensive drug formulary along with healthy living protocols, designed specifically for seniors. It takes the effects of aging and comorbidities into serious consideration.

Drugs and best practices are evaluated by a committee of local experts. This committee consists of physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. Clinical expertise and input is also sought from many other local physicians who are not committee members. The formulary, pre-service authorization parameters, and related procedures are updated as needed when new information becomes available.

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Indiana Healthy Skin Initiative

Primary Objective

Establish and maintain standardization in geriatric skin management, with an emphasis on promotion of healthy skin, and mitigating negative outcomes, such as pressure wounds.

• Promote healthy skin
• Earliest detection possible of skin integrity issues
• Evidence-based best practices in treatment of pressure wounds
• Sustain best practices in all areas indefinitely

Patient Outcomes Program

Tracking successful completion of therapy and complications for the long term care service line for AccessRN.

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