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GrandView Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy provider for long-term care, and senior residential communities. We combine our expertise, evidence-based practices, resident centered education and superior service to improve the success and lives of our partners and residents.

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Why do senior care communities choose Grandview Pharmacy?

Senior Care Communities choose GrandView Pharmacy because we decrease pharmacy related errors, we have unmatched customer service processes, and we have multiple ways of reducing pharmacy related expenses.

Improve Medication Outcomes

Best practice protocols: Criteria for Optimized Senior Medication Outcomes (COSMO) is a comprehensive drug formulary along with healthy living protocols, designed specifically for seniors. It takes the effects of aging and comorbidities into serious consideration.

• Antimicrobial Stewardship Protocol
     • Urinary Tract Infection Protocol
     • Pneumonia Treatment Protocol
     • Skin Infections Treatment Protocol
• Metabolic Validation Protocol
• Medication Formulary
• Glycemic Control Protocol
• COPD Protocol
• Pneumonia Prevention Protocol
• Influenza Prevention Protocol
• Hydration Protocol
• Constipation Prevention and Treatment Protocol
• Behavior Management Protocol
• Coming Soon.. Congestive Heart Failure

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Decrease Pharmacy Related Errors

Technology: GrandView Pharmacy provides clients with comprehensive tools for superior execution and delivery of pharmacy services to each resident we serve. Our quality assurance programs also ensure that your staff and our pharmacy stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

• eMAR Systems
• ePrescribing
• Onsite Dispensing
• GrandRx Connect™
• Auto Cycle Fill
• Specialized Packaging
• Reliable Delivery
• Quality Assurance
• 7-Point Accuracy
• Medication Management System

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Transition of care program: IMPACT™ (Integrated Management for Post Acute Care Transitions), is designed to reduce hospital readmissions.

• Delivery of Medications
• Transition Management
• Geriatric & Diabetic Education
• In-home Patient Monitoring Devices
• 2-Step Pneumonia Immunization Protocols
• Bedside Placement of PICC, Midlines & Peripheral IV

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Learn more about how we're reducing hospital readmissions. Want to speak with someone directly? or call 866-827-7575.

Reduce Pharmacy Related Expenses

Reducing expenses: Our GrandAdvantage™ program is a core service that is implemented from day one so that facility and residents can maximize cost containment. It is a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy used to reduce overall resident and facility costs.

• Preliminary Cost Analysis - Potential Resident Medication
• Intake Evaluations - Internal Pharmacy
• Recommendations - Therapeutic Substitution
• Trouble Shooting & Support - Non-Covered/Prior Authorization Medications
• Crediting - Returned Medication

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Learn more about how we work to help you reduce pharmacy related expenses. Want to speak with someone directly? or call 866-827-7575.

Customer Service & Consulting

Dedicated account teams: At GrandView Pharmacy our customer service reflects the brand of our organization; not just the service we deliver, but the overall attitude and value of our pharmacy. We tailor pharmacy programs to your specific needs, such as packaging, onsite dispensing, cycle fill, delivery times, reports, etc. and all of our customers are assigned a dedicated account team consisting of:

• Customer Relations Associate
• Consultant Pharmacist
• Cycle Fill Technician
• Medication Cart and Medication Room Auditor
• Billing Specialist

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Why choose GrandView Pharmacy for you and your loved one?

Improved Health

Resident education: These topics range from general health information to specific conditions, "Ask the Pharmacist" series and basic pharmacology. Keeping our residents and families informed and paying attention to their bodies is one of the best prevention tools you can use to keep residents living longer, healthier lives.

"We have hosted several of these educational events. The residents have appreciated it greatly. The presentations are very informative. We appreciate the knowledge, professionalism and kindness." - Kathy Smoker, AL Programs & Services Supervisor, Greencroft Goshen

Vaccination programs: GrandView Pharmacy provides vaccinations for seniors in the long term care setting as well as Vaccination Clinics for independent and assisted living residents. A free event, vaccinations are administered by our nurse and billed to the resident’s insurance provider. An annual occurrence that happens every fall and winter, GrandView provides these events to all of our IL, AL & CCRC communities.

Reduce unnecessary medications: Metabolic Validation can help reduce unnecessary medications and the risk for adverse drug reactions (ADR). From a simple cheek swab, a healthcare provider can see which medications your body is able to metabolize, eliminating the costly and dangerous trial and error process.

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GrandRx Connect™, our web-based communication tool.

Reduce Costs

Proactive Medicare Part D analysis: Every penny counts. So why pay more for your Medicare Part D Plan? GrandView Pharmacy offers free Medicare Part D Evaluations annually during the Open Enrollment Period. Residents that received a Medicare Part D Plan Evaluation by GrandView Pharmacy in 2009 saved an average of $719 per person.

"I was confused on why my mother’s medication costs were so high. Thanks to GrandView Pharmacy, they educated me on how Medicare Part D works and signed my mother up for her correct plan saving her over $15,000!" - New Carlisle, Indiana

Keep Loved Ones Independent Longer

Non-compliant patients often exacerbate their condition. Difficulty of the regimen was cited as a main reason that patients are non-compliant. Patients are often confused about when and how to take their medication and which pills to take. This results in patients taking their medication incorrectly or forgetting to take it at all.

Sobering statistics on medication:
• The number one problem in treating illness today is patients’ failure to take prescription medications correctly, regardless of patient age
• 10% of all hospital admissions are the result of patients’ failure to take prescriptions medications correctly
• 23% of all nursing home admissions are due to patients failing to take prescription medications accurately
• At any given time, up to 59% of those on five or more medications are taking them improperly
• Approximately two-thirds of all patients fail to take any or all of their prescription medicines

Increase compliance with flexible packaging options:
• Easy to remember to take the correct medication at the right time
• All pills (even vitamins) for one administration time can be packed in one package
• Medications can be organized by date and time for a 30 day supply
• Eliminates the need for cumbersome daily reminder boxes
• Makes taking medication on-the-go easy
• Easy-to-read labels, easy-to-open package
• Helps elderly patients manage their own health conditions

Medication management: An easy-to-use, progressive reminder system for individuals to better manage their medications. A medication management system ensures individuals take the correct medication at the right time to ensure the safety of the patient.

• Helps seniors manage all their prescription and OTC medications and supplements
• Helps increase patient experiences and satisfaction scores
• Aids in reducing hospital readmissions and other avoidable medical expenses
• 24x7 monitoring and personalized call support
• 3G technology: no WiFi or cellular plan required

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